Why Mimaki Printer is More Popular Than Roland and Mutoh?

First, let’s start with more statistics, in the past year of 2018, we can see from International Data Corporation, the global shipments of large format printers rose 4% year-on-year. And it’s worthy noted that Mimaki large format printer hadsovertaken Roland to become the world’s fourth-largest printer supplier. And the top five stands as follows: HP, Canon, Epson, Mimaki, and Roland DG. That’s awesome, and in a way that confirm Mimaki has a bright development prospect.

mimaki printer

Customers know Roland, mostly starting from the cutting plotter. It’s reported that Roland’s cutting plotter once accounted for half of the Chinese market.

mimaki printer

There are many companies under Roland. In addition to ROLAND DG, which is engaged in the production of cutting plotters and inkjet printers, other companies are involved in the business of musical instruments, especially professional electronic musical instruments.

ROLAND can be said to be the most “modern” and most “international”. Whether the company’s “packaging” or product promotion, it is done very well.

In terms of overall market positioning, ROALND products are more focused on the consumer sector, with a lot of gadgets. The small-transfer thermal transfer printers, the “metal printers” that make jewelry, and the inkjet products also show the characteristics of “consumer market”.

MUTOH has a wide range of products, mostly used in CAD (Computer Aided Design), and its plotteris highly recognized. MUTOH is more like a “factory”. Other than its own branded products, a large part of the business is to be OEM. It is said that EPSON 9000 series inkjet printers are also from the MUTOH factory. Probably because of that, MUTOH has been selling at a lower price than the other two brands.

MIMAKI focuses on the industrial field, so its cutting machine, the inkjet printer is always the most durable. With the rapid growth of the inkjet printing market, the performance of MIMAKI has been booming in recent years, and MIMAKI products are increasingly recognized by the market. Mainly benefit from the following points:

Leading technology: MIMAKI keeps up with the latest developments in EPSON inkjet technology and continues to develop new products with outstanding performance. Any new generation technology printer has been launched for at least one year before the competition, making MIMAKI take the lead in the market. Like MIMAKI, the JV3 series inkjet printer based on environmentally friendly solvent ink (ECO, environmental protection, economy, indoor and outdoor compatibility) was launched as early as 2002. When other brands launched, the global sales volume of Mimaki has exceeded 5,000 units. That’s a tremedous success.

The Mimaki printers that we sell
Simply put, the quality and technology of Roland and Mimaki inkjet printer is better than Mutoh. And for the same level printer, Mimaki has a more competitive price. Because Mimaki has set up a factory in China.

We can offer:

Mimaki plotter

JV150-160: 1 head, 1.6m

JV300-160: 2 head, 1.6m

Mimaki print and cut

CJV150-75 : 1 head, 0.75m

CJV150-160: 1 head, 1.6m

Mimaki UV Printer and Cutter

UCJV150-160: 1 head, 1.6m

UCJV300-75: 2 head, 0.75m

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