Why do wide format inkjet printers have an outdoor and indoor type?

Maybe you will ask, why can’t wide format inkjet printers print outdoor advertising and indoor advertising directly? Why do you want to split between indoor and outdoor models?

wide format inkjet printers

We must first understand the wide format inkjet printer and have a preliminary understanding of it.

wide format inkjet printersContinuous ink supply large-format inkjet printer, mainly used for high-precision advertising screen printing, its printing speed and printing accuracy are superior to traditional inkjet printers, while wide-format inkjet printers are also indoors and outdoors. There are two types of printers, which are also classified according to different environmental usage requirements. Therefore, there are outdoor and indoor types. Of course, the inks used in these two printers are completely different, so the machine structure will also change considerably. The ink used in outdoor wide format inkjet printers is typically an ecosolvent ink. Eco-solvent ink has the same waterproof sunscreen as oil-based ink, and the outdoor environment does not fade for a long time. It is greener and less odorous than oil-based ink. It also has a longer shelf life than ink in the house. The advantage of the indoor wide format printer and the outdoor wide format printer is that the ink is cheaper, the printed picture is more refined, and the color is more beautiful.

In addition, indoor and outdoor wide format inkjet printers have different requirements for configuration. For example, the relevant print heads, ink tubes, ink paths, and ink stacks of Nanjing ORIC sublimation transfer printers have different requirements. Therefore, in the development and production of printers, it is necessary to develop and produce indoor printers and outdoor printers for these two different inks. In addition, the ink is not interchangeable in indoor and outdoor printers.

wide format inkjet printersThere is another point worthy of our attention. The different types of wide-format inkjet printers in and out of the room support different inkjet printing materials. Similarly, indoor printers do not support printing on outdoor paper media. Unlike common inkjet materials, the indoor and outdoor layers it supports are different. Therefore, when purchasing inkjet material, users should ask the material supplier whether you want indoor materials or outdoor materials.

Some commonly used materials for indoor inkjet printing: PP film, photo paper, light box, silk cloth, canvas, transparent adhesive.

Outdoor printing materials: outdoor light cloth, outdoor light cloth, body stickers, outdoor crepe, mesh cloth, single hole through.

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