Which Facts Will Affects The Quality of Large Format Printer?

The high-quality signages will bring people an extraordinary visual impact. In addition to high speed, high resolution and vibrant output are also very important. Here are 4 factors which affect large format printer quality.

wide format printer 1. The Quality of Printhead
The use of inkjet printer, in which the quality of printhead directly affects the image quality and output color. For example, the plug of the nozzle, the blocked nozzle of a certain color, which may cause the color of the printed output image to be incomplete, and not reproduce well.

eco solvent printer

2. The Failure of CISS System
The ink supply system provides a continuous stream of ink for large format inkjet printers. If the CISS system fails, it will also affect the print output quality. For example, the ink supply is broken, the ink tube leaks or exists bubbles, ink tubes between different colors, ink return, and ink failure, it all adds up to cause the image to appear motley. Bad color performance affects the efficiency of the inkjet printer.

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3. The Dry Humidity of Working Environment
The effect of humidity in the working environment of the photo machine, the temperature in winter is low, whether it is heating or air conditioning heating, the relative humidity will drop and it will be easy to dry, and the drying will cause the ink to easily bend the material, especially the PP paper. The nozzle, if it is serious, will cause damage to the nozzle and motor. In addition, in a dry climate, static electricity is easily generated, and static electricity also causes a decrease in print quality. The inkjet printer medium is mostly “insulated”. If the inkjet printer does not have good antistatic measures or has no grounding wire, the film is ejected. The drops will adhere to the surface of the nozzle due to static electricity, causing print quality problems.

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4. The Temperature of Operation Environment
In the environment where the temperature is low and cold, the most common phenomenon is that the nozzle of the printing machine is “false plugging”, that is, the individual nozzles are “broken”.

Because the same ink, the temperature gets lower, the viscosity will become larger. And the viscosity will be too high, it is prone to “broken wire” when printing at high speed. Followed by the problem of absorption and drying of the ink.

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