What is the cause of media deviation during wide-format printer printing? How to deal with it?

What is the media deviation?

The phenomenon of media deviation during wide-format printer printing is to tilt in one direction, which also causes the printed image to be biased.


What is the reason for this phenomenon?

This phenomenon may occur because the loading method of the output medium is incorrect or the medium is placed in front of and behind the printing process, causing the tilt caused by uneven force on both sides.


Correct method of loading printing medium: first, make the rear medium inductor inoperative (whether the automatic receiving function is set to manual or close the switch of the rear paper feeding motor), then fix the printing medium on the paper reel rod and place it in the back of the equipment with the paper reel holder, then relax a part of the printing medium and pass its front end through the press wheel, and the operator is in front of the equipment. The hand stretches the printing medium with an average and appropriate force to make it tighten around and around properly, and then others cooperate with lowering the roller control rod to detect the medium width. After the detection is completed, the detection function of the rear dielectric inductor is restored, and then the direction key is used to walk out of a medium to check the dielectric deflection. If there is serious deflection, the medium must be reloaded according to the above method. Attention should be paid to the natural sagging of the media before and after, and not to skew.

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