What is the best wide format inkjet printer in China?

“ORIC” which is subordinate to FeiYue Digital Inc. Fei Yue Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive technical enterprise which brings R&D, design, production and sales together. We have our own brand of wide format inkjet printer, ORIC, and we also agent other brands abroad, such as EPSON, MIMAKI, ROLAND and MUTOH.

We mainly focus on researching and developing high-speed and high-resolution large format inkjet printers and control system, our printers and accessories have the honor to earn widespread acclaim by the firmly support of the top R&D team and our own technology. E series water-based printers, R series UV printer, O series flatbed printers etc are our major products.

wide format inkjet printer

Take the ORIC TX2002 large format inkjet printer as an example.

This digital sublimation printer is equipped with dual printheads, either DX5 printheads or 5113 printheads.With stand its dimensions is:148.5(W)X33.5(D)X70.5(H)in.And its weight is:1653lb.(750kg)

wide format inkjet printer

There are many benefits to ORIC wide format inkjet printer, here are a few examples:

1)Un-wind and Re-wind Media Perfectly

2)CISS Guarantee Printing Continuously

3)Independent Research of Intelligent Inkjet Technology

4)Multiple Ink Combinations Gives the Perfect Expression about Image

wide format inkjet printer

Last but not least, the price of ORIC is beyond the reach of other wide format production printers. You do not believe? If you randomly report a machine, I can give you a price that will satisfy you.


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