The important role of motors in the operation of the wide format inkjet printer

wide format inkjet printerWe know that the power of the wide format inkjet printer is the motor, and the motor runs to drive the machine. Stepper motors and servo motors need to work together during the printing process of the Oric wide format inkjet printer. The stepper motor controls the operation of the paper feed system, and the servo motor controls the left and right movement of the small frame.

The stepping motor transmits the power generated during the operation to the paper feed shaft by stepping on the large wheel and drives the rotation of the paper feed shaft. During the rotation of the paper feed shaft, the upper paper rollers rub against each other to complete the conveyance of the print medium.

The servo motor drives the synchronizing tower wheel through a belt, and the other end of the long belt on the synchronizing tower wheel is connected to the small frame. The kinetic energy transfer of the servo motor enables small left and right motion frames.

wide format inkjet printerThe operation of the large format inkjet printer feed system and the back and forth movement of the small frame are controlled by the motor. The stepper motor and servo motor are both Raytheon brushless motors. The Raytheon Brushless Motor is a dedicated motor designed for precise positioning and speed control. It has high torque, low vibration, low heat and reliability. The advanced advantages play an important role in the entire printing process of the wide format inkjet printer, greatly improving the overall stability and printing accuracy of the device.

Oric’s R&D team combines its own scientific research theory to maximize the benefits of brushless motors, which remove brushes and eliminate sparks from brush friction during operation. The interference of the electric spark to the radio equipment is greatly reduced, and the precision of printing of the wide-format printer equipment is greatly improved. When the brushless motor is running, the friction is also greatly reduced, the operation is stable, the maintenance is convenient, and only a small amount of dust is removed every day.

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