Several common causes and solutions of wire breakage in wide format printer

During the wide format printer printing process, various unexpected failures may occur for various reasons. Wide-format printer printing is one of them.

So what are the reasons for the wide format printer printing disconnection, and what is the solution?

Print head blocked

wide format printerThe clogging of the print head is the most common cause of ink breaks in wide-format printers. Most of the nozzle holes are blocked by dust or impurities in the ink. When the print head is slightly clogged, use the printer’s own cleaning function to perform ink cleaning. If the nozzle is clogged, remove the nozzle and wash it with a cleaning solution.

Recommendation: After the daily work of the large format printer, you must return the small frame to the end of the print head and the ink stack core. Be careful that the print head is exposed to the air and is blocked by dust or dry ink.

Ink supply system leaking

wide format printerThe ink supply system for a large-format printing machine is a sealed continuous ink supply. When a certain part of it, such as an ink cartridge, an ink tube, an ink bag, or the like, is in a leak condition, the pressure of the ink supply system is insufficient, and the ink supply is not applied, and the problem of printing disconnection occurs. At this point, you need to check the ink supply system, the leaking part for maintenance or replacement.

Printer ink problem

wide format printerThe ink of the printer is printed on the printing medium through the nozzle of the printing head. If the ink is inferior, the ink particles are large, the sediment is large, and the fluency is poor. When the nozzle hole is passed, the nozzle hole is easily blocked, causing the printing to be broken. In addition, the inferior ink has poor weather resistance, is sensitive to temperature, and the viscosity is easily changed with temperature, thereby causing the print to be broken.

Recommendation: Everyone should choose the original ink of the manufacturer. Original inks are generally tested by the manufacturer for a long time, the performance is relatively stable, and can guarantee the printing effect. Moreover, the original ink has good compatibility with the photo print head, and it is not easy to block the print head or damage the print head, and the device can be kept in an optimal working state anytime and anywhere.

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