Note! What should I do if my wide-format inkjet printer adds wrong ink?

Wide-format inkjet printer users should be aware that in daily work, it is forbidden to mix inks of different natures, because water-based inks use water and water-soluble solvents as the main components of the dissolved color base, while oil-based inks use the water-insoluble solvent as the dissolved color. The main ingredient of the base. Once the oily ink and the aqueous ink are mixed, it will cause agglomeration, and a precipitate will be formed in the ink path, thereby blocking the ink path system or the printer nozzle, causing unnecessary significant loss to the user.

Then, if the user accidentally adds the wrong ink, what should be done and remedy?

First of all, you must stop the printing of the wide-format inkjet printer immediately, and then deal with it according to the following points.


If the ink has just been added to the ink cartridge and has not yet entered the ink supply path, simply replace the ink cartridge. It is recommended that the user use a new ink cartridge, which will prevent the ink from remaining on the wall and bottom of the cartridge due to unclean cleaning.


If the ink has entered the ink supply path, it is necessary to clean the entire ink path while replacing the corresponding ink bag. If the cleaning is not clean, the entire ink supply system needs to be replaced.


If the large format inkjet printer has turned on the cleaning function, then the ink has entered the print head. In this case, the nozzle should be removed immediately, and the nozzle should be cleaned with the nozzle cleaning liquid until the discharged cleaning liquid becomes clear. The ink in the print head should be used. All discharged.


If the wide-format inkjet printer head has been severely clogged, it must be handled by a professional technician.

Inkjet printers add wrong inks without any benefit, not only will cause property damage, but also affect work efficiency, so users must be careful not to add mistakes when adding ink. In addition, the storage of aqueous inks and oily inks must be strictly differentiated.

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