How to properly load and unload the sublimation printer printhead?


During the use of the sublimation printer, we need to replace the new nozzle due to the loss or aging of the nozzle. However, the printer nozzle is a very delicate part, and the replacement nozzle must be operated as required. Let us understand the specific links that should be paid attention to when the printhead is loaded and unloaded.

1: Empty the ink in the thermal sublimation printer head and rinse it with a special cleaning solution;

2: Turn off the power of the machine and unplug the power socket;

3: Test the photo machine body with a multimeter to see if there is static electricity and discharge static electricity;

4: Remove the right screw of the fixed nozzle, loosen the upper screw and the left screw, and remove the printhead;

5: Place the printhead on the non-woven fabric with the cleaning solution and put it into the printhead box.

By analyzing the above methods, will you properly load and unload the printer printhead? If you still have doubts, please leave a message below.


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