How to choose right UV ink for printer?

There are four principles for UV printer users to choose UV ink: print head model, material characteristics, ink performance, and after-sales service.

OR-UV6800 Printer

OR-UV6800 Printer

1. Print head model principle

Different nozzles determine that the UV ink used is different. Even the same brand of nozzles, but the internal series, the UV ink used is also different. Common ones are Epson nozzle UV ink; Seiko nozzle UV ink; Polaris nozzle UV ink; Toshiba nozzle UV ink; Kyocera nozzle UV ink; Konica nozzle UV ink; Ricoh nozzle UV ink; Xaar nozzle UV ink.

2. Material characteristics principle

The types of materials of the user’s own products are different, and the UV inks used with them are also different. For example, flexible material UV inks include: wallpaper UV ink; soft film UV ink; leather UV ink; car sticker UV ink; lightbox UV ink. The UV inks of rigid materials are: ceramic UV ink; glass UV ink; acrylic UV ink; mobile phone case UV ink; metal UV ink.

UV ink

UV ink

3. Ink performance principle

Some products pay more attention to outdoor weather resistance, environmental protection, high-temperature resistance, and other treatment processes that are not peeling or dissolving. This is more troublesome and requires special customized UV ink.

4. After-sales service

Usually, UV printer users use the UV ink provided by the manufacturer and enjoy the corresponding warranty service. However, due to personal replacement of UV ink, cleaning fluid, etc., the print head blockage, ink system damage, etc., are not covered by the warranty.

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