Demystifying the reason why the inkjet printer head needs to be cleaned frequently

Friends who often use inkjet printing machines should know that the inkjet printer head of wide format inkjet printers need to be cleaned frequently, so why?

Ink is a volatile liquid that volatizes in the air to clear solids, which is the main cause of nozzle blockage. When the printhead is sprayed on the cloth, a part of the ink remains in the surrounding area. This part of the ink is dried in the air and slowly makes the nozzle hole smaller or even blocks the nozzle hole. But because it is outside the nozzle, it is easy to clean, which is why we often clean the printhead.

inkjet printer head

How to maintain the inkjet printer head after the daily work is completed?

After all the print jobs are completed every day, in order to keep the print head in optimal working condition and to avoid clogging the printer head due to solvent solvent evaporation, perform the maintenance as follows.

1. Move the handpiece back to the rightmost ink stack area and tightly bond the nozzle to the moisturizing ink stack core.
2. Clean the moisturizing sponge with a special cleaning solution, then pour the cleaning solution onto the sponge to soak it.
3. Turn off the power of the device.
4. Keep this state for the device to stay overnight.

inkjet printer head

After the printing head is clogged, the treatment method is found:

1. Timely and decisively and thoroughly handling the slight clogging of the nozzle is very important for maintaining the optimal working state of the head during long-time printing!
2. Re-insert the ink supply tube after cleaning, and then continue the previously paused print job.
3. After the printer head is slightly blocked, it is not hesitant to press the pause button to stop printing.
4. Unplug the ink supply tube from the print head, and then use a syringe to draw a special cleaning solution to clean the print head. Method: 40 ml of washing solution was used every 10 minutes, for a total of 3 to 4 times.

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