Application of large-format printer in image field

With the ink-jet printing technology becoming more and more mature, more and more advanced, ink optimization, everyone’s concerns about fading, production process, equipment failure has been resolved, large-format ink-jet printing once again into people’s sight, many film studio owners and late output centers began to favor this fast, simple, economic, environmental protection, diversified mode of output.

What can a large-format printer do in the studio?

Here are the following answers: large wedding photos, exquisite photo albums, art tapestries, exquisite pillows, Korean crystal, Amich, three-dimensional wedding photos, frameless pictures, art photos, photo walls, wedding exhibition shelves, wedding invitations, in-store advertising, promotional posters, recruitment announcements, employee performance lists… The large-format printer that can be made by traditional printing can be made, and the large-format printer that can not be made by traditional printing can also be made.

What are the advantages of large-format printers in the application of film studios?

Convenience: The movie studio is far from the large post-center and the city with large color expander. It is very inconvenient to transmit films and deliver goods. If there is a large-format printer to solve these problems completely.

Environmental protection: The traditional silver salt printing wastewater is polluted by heavy metals, which is prohibited by the environmental protection department. In the near future, a new regulation will be carried out. More environmentally friendly dry printing is highly recommended.

Equipment investment is low: all investment is not much, about $15,000 can be done, and can be used for many years.

Staffing is simple: equipment is simple and easy to learn, general receptionists, photographers, cosmeticians, apprentices can be trained production, general small and medium-sized studios do not need special staff.

In addition, architectural effect drawings, art reproduction, home frameless paintings, custom mobile doors, personalized wallpapers and so on are home furnishings with many industries and products, large-format printers can be made perfect.

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