How to maintain the printhead after using the eco solvent printer every day?

The normal operation of the eco solvent printing machine, in addition to other parts do not break down, but also inseparable from the operator’s careful maintenance and maintenance of it. There are many details about the maintenance of the photo machine that need our attention, such as how to maintain and maintain it after printing the homework every day.

First, turn off the power supply of the eco solvent printer equipment; secondly, clean the moisturizing sponge with a special cleaning solution, then soak it on the sponge; finally, move the parts of the equipment to the right cleaning station and make the nozzle and the moisturizing sponge tightly combined. It is better to keep the eco solvent printer overnight in this state. This not only saves electricity, but also prevents the blockage of the print head. We know that blockage of print heads is a very troublesome thing. So that it can work properly tomorrow and make money for us. In addition, eco solvent printers also need to maintain other parts regularly, such as ink cartridges, nozzles, ink circuits, guideways, regular cleaning ink stacks, infrared probes, gratings, regular cleaning of waste ink buckets, motherboards, etc., to maintain a clean working environment, temperature and humidity.

That’s all about the maintenance of the printer’s print head with eco solvents. Do you have any doubts? Welcome to consult.

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