How to deal with the eco solvent printer panel without display?

What should we do when we encounter a eco solvent wide format printer panel that has no display? Don’t panic at this time, it will be very useful to save this article.

1. The panel power light does not light. After checking the motherboard, unplug the motherboard power cord to see if the power supply fan is rotating normally. If the normal rotation is mostly the motherboard burns out.

2. The panel is initially displayed but there is no display when starting the wait wait. This phenomenon is mostly caused by damage to the Y-axis motor.

3. The main board has no display, but the power light is always on, check whether the CN21 data line on the main board is damaged.

4. Check if the large capacitor under the motherboard data cable is loose or burned out and replace the motherboard.

5. Check if the power board is burnt out.

According to these five steps, it is easy to find a way to solve the problem of the panel of the eco solvent printer.

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