How to better use eco solvent ink?

Because of the characteristics of eco solvent ink, the selection of continuous supply should be very careful. Eco solvent ink can be coat-free printing on some materials, or can be coat-free by means of printer heating, but for some smooth surfaces, ink alone is powerless, ink will accumulate together, and can not be clearly imaged.

Then it is necessary to use special coating solution in combination with the three advantages of using coating:

1. The drying speed is fast. The coating is prepared with special chemical raw materials and used with eco solvent ink. It will dry within one minute after printing, especially in the smoother materials such as glass.

2. Printing quality is not good. Direct printing with coatings on some materials, mainly smooth and non-absorbent materials, has poor effect, and the effect is extraordinary after using coatings.

3. Wear resistance and waterproofing because of the binder ingredients in the coating ingredients, so after printing, the ink and material absorb very closely, far more than the wear resistance without coating. Eco solvent ink has some advantages of all kinds of ink, and it is a product with wide application. But it is irresponsible for some manufacturers to say that this kind of ink is superb. Good ink also needs correct methods to use. Details can not be careless. Only in this way can we use this kind of ink well and let this kind of ink create the greatest value for you.


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