Eco solvent printers have many advantages in printing with original ink

Eco solvent printers are used as wide-format advertising inkjet printing device. The color and clarity of the image color of the daily color inkjet printing and eco-solvent printer printing are closely related to the ink.

The original ink of eco solvent printers have many advantages!

Ink is very important for eco solvent printers, and it is also the main consumable for wide format color printer. Only high-quality ink can make the large-format printing machine work best. Therefore, as a member of the advertising inkjet industry, as a user of the machine, the daily use of the printing machine must purchase the original high quality ink of the printer manufacturer.

eco solvent printersFirst of all, using original ink, wide format inkjet printer printing color is more guaranteed. Select the original ink of the manufacturer to better enjoy the after-sales guarantee of the manufacturer, so as to better guarantee the color and quality of the inkjet printing of the printing machine.

High-quality original ink, with good color reproduction, excellent color saturation, excellent color and color gamut expressiveness, rich and colorful, realistic effect. The photo printout image of the big size eco solvent  printer has a small color difference from the original design color to achieve the best color performance.

eco solvent printersSecondly, using the original original ink of the eco solvent printer, the ink has good fluency and little influence by temperature. In different climates, there are good performances. For example, Nanjing ORIC printer original original ink, long-term inkjet print output, not easy to print broken, stable printing performance, good adhesion, fast drying. ORIC printer original ink has good weather resistance, green and environmental protection, effectively protect the print head, ensure the print quality of the picture, and improve the drying speed of the picture.

eco solvent printersFinally, using the original ink of the wide format eco solvent printer, the compatibility of the media printed by the eco solvent printer is better. For example, it can be used for various printing paper media, such as photo paper, photo cloth, inkjet cloth, car sticker, adhesive, etc. After inkjet printing, it can be applied to automotive and architectural exterior wall-wrapped inkjet products, store promotional posters, advertisements, posters, promotional materials, etc., and the application field is very large.

All in all, the original machine uses original ink, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the use is more assured. Therefore, the benefits of using original ink for large-format printers are numerous. “A penny and a share” is always right! Please use the original ink in the inkjet printer, don’t use cheap ink and use the inferior ink, and you won’t miss it!

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