Dx5 Oric Eco-solvent Printer 1.8/2.0M with 2/3/4 Printheads

The mid-level dx5 eco solvent printer is mainly designed for beginners to explore a broad application for indoor and outdoor signage, exhibition and display graphics, retail Pos and much more with beautiful print quality output to set your business apart. With robust DX5 print head and cost-performance XP600 optional, meanwhile 1.8m and 2.0m printing width can hold most media sizes. Different clients can find ideal printer solutions in FeiYue Digital.

eco-solvent printerVariable dot control
Capable to deliver exceptional solid color and smooth gradations at high-speed print modes.

All aluminum structure
Ensure the smooth movement of carriage, more stable, reliable and durable.


Bulk Ink Supply System
Less often replace the empty ink cartridge, reducing ink waste and productivity largely improved.

Micro piezoelectric printing technology controls the inkjet process through sensitive electronic pulse signals.
It can control the shape of ink droplet and position of ink drop.
It has 180 nozzles for each color, and the maximum resolution can reach 1440x1440dpi.
With the latest color control technology, the printing effect of super high quality can be achieved.

ecosolvent printer

Strong and High-quality Printer Body
Super strong to support the whole printer, reaching even and flat movement.
Heavy Duty Double Power Feeding and Take-up System
The ECO-1802/2004 printer features an advanced double power feeding and take up system, providing accurate feeding and tracking throughout the longest production runs, while the print head height is adjustable to accommodate various media thicknesses.

4 in 1 Heating Control System
It is convenient for you to control the whole heating system in one place, eliminating the need for operation movement.

digital UV printers

High-quality 145 mm Wide Printing Bed
The 145mm printing platform provides consistent and stable quality output.

Bulk Ink Supply System
The bulk ink supply system increases convenience and ease-of-use, specifically ideal for those who print frequently with massive production by less often replacing the empty ink cartridge, saving ink wasted and productivity largely improved.

eco-solvent printer

Automatic Cleaning and Wiping System
Simplify daily maintenance procedures, save time and reduce the possibility of print head clogged.

Intelligent Infrared Heating System
The Oric-1802/2004 eco solvent printer comes standard with built-in pre-heater, middle-heater, front heater together with infrared drying system, designed to dry prints quickly, even at high-speed modes. All while produces highly saturated images, color reproduction.

And so much above, help you keep away from troubles.

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