Why do you need a brushless motor in a sublimation paper printer?

What is a brushless motor? What is the working principle of the so-called brushless motor? Why do you need a brushless motor in a sublimation paper printer?

sublimation paper printer

The Working Principle of Brushless Motor for Sublimation Paper Printer

The brushless motor is composed of a motor body and a driver, and is a typical mechatronic device. The brushless motor uses electronic commutation to complete the work. Simply speaking, the coil does not move and the magnetic pole rotates. The brushless motor internally sets the Hall original to sense the position of the permanent magnet and the magnetic pole. According to this automatic sensing mode, the direction of the current in the coil is switched in time to ensure that the magnetic force in the correct direction is generated, thereby driving the motor to move.

sublimation paper printer

Application of Brushless Motor in Sublimation Paper Printer

In the sublimation printing device, the precise operation of the motor is required because the image needs to be accurately printed during high-speed motion without missing any detail. Second, the motor is also the source of power for the printhead to move and feed the paper. Therefore, the quality of the motor directly affects the performance of the machine. Therefore, in the wide format dye sublimation printer, the brushless motor with excellent performance and long service life is the best choice.

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