What are the small details to be aware of when installing a sublimation printer?

sublimation printer

For those who are engaged in the advertising inkjet industry, the wide-format sublimation printer is no stranger. It is a large format printer with outstanding print results. However, if the installation is not in place, it will not meet the needs of use. Therefore, pay attention to every detail when installing the sublimation printer, which can effectively ensure that the device is running in good condition.

Be sure to install the rack and main unit.

In order to prevent the sloshing after the installation of the dye sublimation equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the installation of each accessory in the installation. In particular, it is necessary to fix the relevant screws to ensure the printing effect of the device. In addition, when installing the rack and the main unit, you need to read the safety instructions in detail to make the safety work more in place.

Make connections and installations for ink cartridges, ink cartridges, ink tubes, and printheads.

sublimation printerSince this design has a lot of installation work, it needs to be executed according to the installation instructions or the instructions of the professional installer. In particular, the safe operation of the ink sublimation printer print head must be done in place, otherwise it will affect the printing effect. In addition, when installing a line problem, it is inevitable that you will encounter an inaccurate situation. Don’t try it yourself. Ask a professional person to guide or ask the manufacturer for the wiring diagram to ensure the installation is smooth. Of course, after the line installation and connection is completed, the staff needs to check and check several times to ensure that there is no problem.

It is very important to do the testing work.

In general, after the ink cartridge is installed, the entire installation work is nearing completion. At this time, the staff member needs to check whether the relevant ink supply line is connected properly. First add ink to the ink cartridge, do not overfill, and then turn on the ink pump to detect the ink. If there is no flashing, etc., it means that the installation is successful and can be used normally.

In addition, when installing a wide format sublimation printer, the staff also needs to provide a good installation environment to ensure a smoother installation.

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