The sublimation printer starts to break the ink when it prints a few centimeters. Why?

sublimation printerWhat is the reason and solution for the sublimation printer to start to break the ink after printing a few centimeters?

This may be caused by air in the printhead. You can connect the ink column with a syringe and a silicone tube, pour the print head, suck the air out of the print head, and try to print it.

There are many reasons for the air in the wide format printer print head, which may be caused by air leakage in the ink bag, ink tube, ink cartridge, etc., and the tight contact of the ink path may cause air leakage. Before drawing the picture, make sure that the ink cartridge cover is sealed and the ink tube ink bag is not leaking. The connection between the ink tube and the ink cartridge is good, the connection between the ink bag and the ink tube is good, and the connection between the ink bag and the ink column of the print head is well sealed.

sublimation printerThe print head also has a leak. Generally, there is no such thing as a new print head. If the print head that has been used for a long time is not in place due to normal maintenance and the use is not correct, air leakage may occur. The specific performance is the internal ink splicing and the side leakage outside the nozzle, which can be used after maintenance.

The printhead is a precision part of a digital sublimation printer. In daily use, it is necessary to develop good habits and regular maintenance, so as to ensure the printing effect of the print head and extend the service life of the printer print head.

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