The sublimation printer print head is slightly blocked, how to solve it?

During the heat transfer printing process, it is found that the piezoelectric sublimation printer print head nozzle has a slight blockage, and then press the PAUSE button to pause the print job without hesitation. The ink is then cleaned from the nozzle by a vacuum cleaner or a manual syringe. After cleaning, use a plastic squeeze bottle to spray some cleaning solution onto the nozzle surface to wash away the residual ink. Nanjing ORIC sublimation printer manufacturer specializes in the production of sublimation transfer machine, printer print head blockage problem handling has a coup.

Note: Do not use excessive force when using a manual syringe, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged due to excessive pressure. Timely and decisively and thoroughly handling the slight clogging of the nozzle is very important to keep the nozzle in optimal working condition during long printing times! In addition, it is also necessary to carefully check the condition of the nozzle and find out why the nozzle is clogged.

print head

What should you do if the print head is frequently clogged during sublimation transfer printing?

1. First press the PAUSE button to pause the inkjet job, then press the PURGE button to move the printhead to the leftmost cleaning position.

print head2. Keep the power of the device on, and unplug the liquid level sensor signal line that connects the sub-tank to the head control board.

3. Unplug the ink supply tube (from the secondary ink tank) on the print head, and then use a glass syringe to draw a special cleaning solution to clean the nozzle. Method: 40 ml of washing solution was used every 10 minutes, for a total of 3 to 4 times.

4. After cleaning, reinsert the ink supply tube and level sensor signal lines and continue the previously paused print job.

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