Oric sublimation printer, these 6 smart highlights are not to be missed!

sublimation printerOric sublimation printer is a high performance, high speed, high quality and cost effective inkjet printer developed by our company for the high-end market. As a high-end wide-format sublimation printer, Oric must have a distinctive high-end, these six intelligent features are not to be missed.

Oric sublimation printers have made great efforts in intelligent operation in order to better serve customers. Many humanized functional designs help customers to operate more conveniently and quickly.

Fast printing: Oric wide-format sublimation printer uses three EPS3200 printheads, new TFP film piezoelectric technology, print upgrade, maximum speed of 80m2 / h, high efficiency to complete large orders and urgent orders. 1800DPI printing accuracy, achieve no graininess And smooth print results.

sublimation printerFeather print function: Unique two-dimensional intelligent feathering function, good to eliminate BANDING in printing. The print quality is highly improved, and it can naturally handle various shades of transition colors, and restores the color of the image 100%.

Intelligent lack of ink alarm: Intelligent lack of ink reminder, reducing the cumbersomeness of frequently checking ink margin. At the same time, timely reminder to add ink to ensure the continuity of the printing work.

sublimation printerAnti-collision trolley frame: The position of the print head can be adjusted freely according to different printing consumables, and the anti-collision device is added at both ends to provide more comprehensive security protection for the print head.

Constant pressure secondary ink supply system: Equipped with 4 extra large ink cartridges, single channel ink capacity up to 2L. The powerful continuous supply system provides support for the improvement of production efficiency, avoids the frequent occurrence of ink shortage in production and the heavy work caused by back and forth inspection, saving time and manpower.

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