[Introduction] ORIC direct to garment printing machine

Digital printing machine proofing has become the mainstream production method in the western printing industry. More than 90% of the European printing industry uses digital printing machines to proof, so what are the advantages of direct printing digital printing? Enterprises generally believe that the digital printing machine has a fast response, low proofing cost and good consistency. It is an indispensable tool for the printing industry.

Applicable object: ORIC direct to garment printing machine is suitable for large-volume cotton cloth or cotton cutting digital printing processing in garment factories.

Simple operation: no need for plate making, no need for sizing, soaping, cooking, shaping, etc., can print the bad cloth directly, and print it into the tunnel furnace, which is the finished product.

Environmental protection: Safe, environmentally friendly and non-polluting. In the production process, it is truly zero-emission, no odor, non-volatile, and does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances. The ink used has SGS and MSDS test reports.

Customizable: width: 1.6~2.0m, unlimited printing length, Epson DX5 printhead & 4720 printhead & 5113 printhead and UK XRR1201 industrial printhead optional, 2~8 nozzle configurations to choose from.

Guide belt rectification system: The belt guide automatic rectification system ensures that the left and right deviation of the guide belt of the pure cotton digital printing machine is less than 0.3mm.

Compatible with a variety of inks: Compatible with a variety of inks such as active, water-based, and weak solvents. It has a wider printing range. It can be directly sprayed with cotton fabrics in combination with paint inks. It can be directly sprayed with chemical fiber fabrics in combination with dispersing inks. It can also be directly sprayed with solvent ink or leather. For other soft materials, UV ink can also be used as a UV coil printer.

Washing does not fade, no feel: wash does not fade, 3~4 color fastness, print dark cotton fabric also has no feel, breathable without feel.

Process: Pretreatment -> printing -> solid color, only three steps, and linkage process is a three state, in one, the entire process without human intervention.

Auxiliary equipment: In addition to the pure cotton digital printing machine, two additional equipments are needed. One sizing machine is used for pre-treatment, and one tunnel furnace is used for fixing.

High degree of automation: sizing machine, cotton direct injection machine, tunnel furnace can be linked, integrated into one, pure cotton digital printing machine operators only need to be responsible for loading and unloading, one person can see 5 machines, labor cost Very competitive.

Safety and environmental protection: imported textile ink, no odor, non-volatile, no formaldehyde and other harmful substances

Simple operation, one person, one machine, one computer, fool-like operation, training can be skillful for a long time, package teaching, home training, video training.

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