Can a cheap UV flatbed printer be purchased with confidence?

UV flatbed printer

I believe that when many customers buy UV flatbed printers, they clearly feel that there is no difference in configuration. Why are the prices so different? The expensive UV flatbed printer costs tens of thousands of dollars, but the cheap ones only cost thousands of dollars?

Below I will discuss with you what is the cheap UV flatbed printer? Which cheap printer can buy?

When we buy a printer, we must first exclude used printers and modified machines. Although this type of digital UV printer is very cheap, it cannot be used. Because you buy a flatbed printer to make money, not to lose money to repair the machine often.

Because some UV flatbed printer manufacturers use inferior or have some used print heads after modification, you will find it will not be used after a period of use. So the price of UV printers will be much lower. So, one point for the price!

UV flatbed printer

The reason why the UV flatbed printer is cheap is nothing more than the following:

1. The hardware used is cheap.
These UV flatbed printers use some poor quality and inexpensive hardware. They simply removed some of the damaged internal hardware, changed the bottom Y-axis drive, added a few hundred dollars of LED lights and several ink cartridges worth more than a few dollars to complete the hardware modification.

2. The software used is cheap.
This type of UV flatbed printer uses an unknown printer board and system, just to make some changes in the content, without spending thousands of dollars to buy a special board for UV flatbed printing machines. This will cause the machine to always go wrong, and it is not acceptable to use it for mass production.

3. The overall cost is low.
The manufacturers of such UV flatbed printers are basically small workshops, do not have to bear corporate rents, taxes, and do not have to provide corresponding after-sales service, basically a hammer sale. Overall, the operating costs of such digital UV printer manufacturers are very low, which in turn causes their product prices to be extremely low.

4. No supporting services.
When purchasing UV flatbed printers, there are many supporting services for regular UV flatbed printer manufacturers. Such as providing a library, providing operational training, providing consumables, providing comprehensive after-sales service and corresponding prepress and post-press processing solutions, etc., but they do not.

UV flatbed printer

In summary, I think everyone knows why some UV flatbed printers are so cheap, so you dare to buy such UV flatbed printers?

7 common sense about the print head of UV flatbed printer

The print head of the UV printer is believed to be one of the most concerned issues for all users, and it is also a question that is repeated and repeated. After all, the print head is the most frequently used in daily use, and the most common problem occurs around the print head. Understanding the common sense of the print head can help us become more comprehensive and professional.

print head

Import and domestic

The domestic uv printer print head, whether it is Epson print head, Seiko print head, or Konica print head, Ricoh print head and other print heads, are imported, and 90% of them are imported into Japan, and the rest are from the United Kingdom and the United States. Since the country does not have the corresponding technology for the time being, it cannot be produced.

Civil and industrial

print headThe print head of the UV printer itself is not divided into civilian and industrial, but there are big differences in the printing results, printing speed, printing performance and other parameters of different print heads. In order to facilitate the user’s understanding, the industry will divide the high-performance, long-life, and compatible print heads into the industrial field. In contrast, short printheads, high failure rates, and inexpensive printheads are classified as civilian printheads.

Cheap and expensive

To believe that “a penny and a share of goods” is the eternal truth, any product sold by a business is to make money, it is impossible not to make money, or even to sell at a loss. In the same way, there are no good, cheap nozzles, only good and expensive nozzles. Don’t be deceived by the slogan of advertising, you must make a rational judgment.

Print head and technology

Under normal circumstances, the more expensive a printhead is, the higher the capital, manpower, and material resources of the corresponding motherboard program development and upgrade services. Therefore, this has become an important criterion for judging the technical level of the manufacturer. The technical gap between the manufacturers can be compared by asking the price of the nozzles made by the manufacturer.

Print head and ink

Different uv printer nozzles have different nozzle diameters, nozzle materials, and internal structures, so it is important to remember that inks cannot be mixed. Otherwise, it will not only cause a reaction between the inks, but also shorten the life of the printer head, causing it to be clogged.

Encrypted and not encrypted

print headEncrypted and unencrypted printheads primarily refer to the Epson DX7 printhead, which has an encrypted printhead, a secondary encrypted printhead, three encrypted printheads, and an unencrypted printhead. Encryption means that the printhead will print a certain distance after printing, and a color bar will appear, causing the pattern to be scrapped. Unencrypted printheads don’t have this problem, but the price is more expensive than encryption. Domestic uv printer manufacturers are more mature in the process of decoding one encryption and secondary encryption, but the three-encrypted print head is still being cracked.

Warranty and no warranty

This is the last one, mainly because the users who ask too many questions ask and care about it. Once the printing head has been shipped from the factory, it will be returned for sale and replacement unless it is problematic before it is used. Installed on the equipment, after the ink is tested, the problem is that it is not guaranteed. There are too many main uncontrollable factors.

From this point of view, in fact, the printer print head is not without warranty, it is part of the consumables. Why do you often hear that some manufacturers advertise printheads for 1 year or even 2 years? These are just slogans for propaganda. Carefully review the terms of the warranty, various additional conditions, additional costs, harsh to say not to report for 1 year, 20 years of insurance are manufacturers to make money.

What makes more and more people investing in UV flatbed printers?

At present, the wide-format printing market is booming. Under the application of high-precision and stable UV film printers and multi-purpose, multi-media UV flatbed printers, the technological innovation of UV printing equipment has promoted inkjet printing. Market development.

The UV flatbed printer is a new technology that breaks the inkjet technology and can only print on soft materials. Really realized a printing, no plate making, full color image once completed, is an important turning point in the history of inkjet, is a replacement product of traditional printing. It also marks the birth of inkjet technology into the era of multiple fields.

UV flatbed printers

Why can UV printers achieve such rapid development? Let’s take a look at the secrets of this.

The reason why UV flatbed printers can quickly capture the market:

1. More personalization: Maximize people’s individual needs, for the majority of designers, you can make full use of creative talents, design samples can be arbitrarily modified on the computer, the effect on the computer is the effect of the finished product, the customer Once you are satisfied, you can make it directly. The UV printing pattern is fine, the layer is rich and clear, the art is high, the stereoscopic effect is strong, and the equipment with many high precision can also print the patterns of photography and painting style.

2. More advanced technology: Generally, the full-color image is completed once, the gradient color fully achieves the photo effect, the positioning is accurate, the scrap rate is zero, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, realizing the real non-printing, single sheet and batch processing. The cost is consistent, and customers can also complete short and medium-sized jobs cost-effectively, helping the company to increase business opportunities and profits.

3. More widely used: UV flatbed printing materials are very extensive.
Flexible media such as: reflective film, canvas, carpet, leather, etc.
Hard media such as: glass, wooden handicraft photo frames, ceilings, aluminum panels, wood panels, door panels, acrylic panels, plexiglass panels, chevron panels, corrugated cardboard, plastic panels, resin panels, gypsum panels, etc.
Various product casing media such as: music player casing, camera casing, Bluetooth earphone casing, mobile phone casing, refrigerator casing, laptop casing, etc. can be printed.

4. Green and environmental protection: No water, no sewage, UV flatbed printer is controlled by computer, inkjet on demand, neither waste nor waste water pollution, no noise during printing, and achieve a pollution-free green production process.

UV flatbed printers

Let’s talk to you about several major applications of UV flatbed printers:

Advertising industry users: This is the most widely used and widely used. After all, the number of advertising stores, advertising companies and market audiences is also the most extensive. Although there is no shortage of orders, the large profits due to competition are relatively low.

Users in the building materials industry: This is mainly made up of glass and ceramic tiles. The market has been very hot in the past three years. In particular, the custom-made 3d embossed three-dimensional background wall is particularly popular, not only in high demand, but also in high added value.

Digital products industry: Many people in this industry are familiar with the fact that the mobile phone case represented by DIY is not a fire. A plastic shell plus printing costs less than $0.2 and the market sells for $3. Many users often recover their costs in two months. Extending from the surface, there are ipad leather cases, keyboards, mouse pads and other digital products for surface printing.

Crafts industry: A variety of small objects on the market, combs, hairpins, eyeglass frames, packaging boxes, pins, wine bottles, bottle caps, decorative paintings… The surface of hundreds of materials can be printed with a uv printer. This industry has a strong regional character and is often concentrated in the source of supply.

UV flatbed printers

In addition to these four hot industries, there are many industries that we are familiar with:

Packaging industry: Alcohol (paper packaging printing, wooden packaging printing, metal packaging printing, PVC, packaging and printing, leather packaging printing, plexiglass packaging printing, etc.).

Decoration industry: Background wall (tile wall, glass background wall, PVC gusset background wall, marble background wall, microcrystalline composite background wall, carved background wall) PVC gusset, PVC resin board, etc., used throughout the decoration industry On.

Glass industry: Art glass, glass partition, glass sliding door, glass background wall, frosted glass, transparent glass, plexiglass, tempered glass, glass curtain wall, etc…

Leather goods: Leather, women’s shoes, leather bags, handbags, travel bags, belts, etc.

Stationery gifts: Pen case, notebook, wave board, dot reading machine, CD, metal business card holder, various material bookmarks, toys, etc.

Hardware and plastic: Lighter, golf ball, silicone, digital photo frame, crystal, aluminum plate, metal plate, plastic products, tissue box, glasses frame, instrument panel, packaging box, toys, etc.

Footwear: Women’s shoes, EVA slippers, roller skates, shoe materials, printed shoes, leather printing, canvas shoes, hand-painted shoes, etc.

Electronic appliances: U disk, MP3/ MP4/MP5 player, computer case, home appliance, air conditioner, washing machine, rice cooker, mobile phone, crystal mobile phone case, electronic components, etc.

Can uv printers print everything?Let us have a look

Can Uv printers print everything?
What materials can Uv printers print?

Uv printer is a new type of direct digital printing technology developed in the past ten years. It is a non-contact inkjet printer that prints the desired pattern directly on the surface of the product through computer control. The uv in uv printers are the abbreviation of ultraviolet light, that is, the ultraviolet light emitted by the LED lamp, so that the printed product is dried during the printing process, and the pattern is not blurred.

uv printers

Uv mainly consists of three aspects, namely ink, curing principle, and printing.

uv printersInk: Unlike previous water-based inks, textile inks, oil-based inks, and solvent-based inks, the new generation of equipment uses uv ink. Uv ink itself is between solvent-based and oil-based inks. It is a chemical ink with a slight Corrosive, so in daily use, try to avoid contact with the body. What needs to be understood here is that uv ink is divided into three grades, one is made in China, one is produced by the original print head, and the other is imported.

Curing principle: The curing method adopts the principle of internal cooling and solidification in a very short period of time, which does not produce odor, does not generate heat, and does not generate bubbles. This is mainly determined by the photosensitizer present in the uv ink.

uv printersPrinting: Direct piezoelectric inkjet printing, the print head is inkjet printing between 12.5px and 25px from the material, and the uv ink is directly sprayed on the surface of the material, and then irradiated by the LED lamps on both sides of the print head. Achieve drying of the ink. The uv printers produced by Andersen are also able to meet the high quality image output requirements of many industries.

Wide range of applications: Digital uv printers have a wide range of printing materials, such as: reflective film, canvas, glass, wood crafts, ceilings, aluminum alloy panels, wood panels, acrylic panels, plexiglass, corrugated panels, plastic panels, resin panels, plasterboard, Digital housing, etc.

Ok, the relevant knowledge about uv printer printing is shared here today, thank you for browsing. If you are interested in our company and products, please pay attention to the collection.

Factors affecting consumers’ purchase of uv inkjet printers

Four factors affecting consumers’ purchase of uv inkjet printers: price, performance, manufacturer, demand.

uv inkjet printers

Factor (1) Price: This is the first element, and it must be within the scope of the consumer budget, otherwise it will be empty talk. Even if the product is good, it is satisfactory, but its budget is only 10,000 US dollars, can not buy 40,000 US dollars of equipment. However, if the consumer budget is high enough, the model and brand of the uv inkjet printer that can be selected are very large. On the contrary, the other three factors will account for the main proportion.

Factors (2) Performance: The digital uv inkjet printer that consumers are fascinated with must be the actual performance indicators such as printing speed, printing accuracy and printing cost to meet their needs. Second is the appearance of the style, value-added services and features. No one will spend money to buy a product that does not meet their requirements. After all, the traditional uv flatbed printer is a production device that is not a fast-moving consumer, nor a luxury product. It does not meet the needs of the consumer’s spiritual level, similar to identity and vanity.

Factor (3) Manufacturer: The size, personnel, qualifications, promised services, etc. of the manufacturer. These are actually giving consumers confidence, a reason to convince him to believe in the manufacturer. After all, there are more and more fake and bragging companies involved in this kind of equipment in the unpopular field. Unlike the FMCG in common sense, the information and standards available for reference are very few. Consumers often use traditional thinking to judge the chosen manufacturer.

Factor (4) Demand: This determines the timeliness of the consumer’s purchase order. Usually, if there is an order in hand or if the order is received immediately, it will be purchased soon. On the contrary, it is just a wait-and-see attitude. I think that this kind of equipment investment is good and so on. The effectiveness of the impact is similar to whether the consumer’s own venue is suitable, whether the technician is recruited, and so on.

uv inkjet printers

In addition to the above factors affecting the purchase of uv inkjet printers, there are still some factors, such as the consumer’s peers have already purchased, the herd psychological influence will also follow the flow; the sales staff’s personal eloquence level and so on.