How To Choose A Better Uv Flatbed Printer From Budget?

1. Budget! budget! budget! The important thing is to say three times. Leaving this talk about buying is all about. The price of uv flatbed printers on the market is roughly divided into four levels:

uv flabed printer a. 50,000 or less, mostly based on small modified uv flatbed printers, the models are generally a1, a2, a3, a4, most of the nozzles are civilian Epson series, small Ricoh nozzles; disadvantages are: high failure rate, nozzle Short lifespan, it is very troublesome to maintain in the later stage, choose carefully, if you practice, you can choose.


b. 5-10 million, mostly in the civilian series of uv flatbed printers, models are commonly found 1015, 1325, 1610, 2513 and so on. The nozzles are mostly Epson five generations, Toshiba nozzles, Konica and Seiko series medium-level nozzles. The point is: the larger size of the machine, the lower the general specifications of the nozzles. The smaller the size of the machine, the higher the size of the nozzle. Popular: You can choose between a small format and a large format. It is suitable for individuals to use in the store. If the objective conditions permit, under the same price, choose a high match.

uv flatbed printer

C.10-200,000, mostly based on the industrial series of uv flatbed printer, is also the largest number of devices and the number of users on the market. There are also a large number of models to choose from, including 1610, 2513, 2030, 2533, 3040 and so on. Common nozzles are Ricoh g5 nozzle, Konica 1024i nozzle, Seiko gs508 nozzle, Seiko gs1024 nozzle. Depending on the price, the configuration of the nozzles can be upgraded from the standard five to eight.

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d. More than 200,000, mostly based on large high-grade or imported uv printers. High configuration means that the nozzles have a higher level, a larger number, or a particularly large machine. Most of the equipment in this area is mostly large factory users. In addition, there are more than one million uv flatbed printers. The number of nozzles of this kind of machine is generally more than 16 and the highest is 256. Of course, the price is more than 10 million. This type of machine is suitable for local tyrants.

Which Kind Print Head is Better for Uv Pritners?

Judging whether a nozzel of uv printer is good or bad is not just a salesman’s introduction. We need to understand all aspects. What are the advantages of this sprinkler? What are the disadvantages? All should be objective and realistic to evaluate!

print head When we face many customers, customers will ask the same question. Today, Nanjing FeiYue Digital Co., Ltd. is from a professional point of view, objectively seeking truth from facts to explain how to choose a good or bad nozzle?

First of all: we judge the quality of a print head is considered by the following four points!

digital uv printer

First, the service life of the nozzle, Ricoh G5 as an industrial-grade nozzle, the structure of stainless steel, its corrosion resistance need not say more, the service life is generally between 1.5-3 years!

Second, the print speed of the nozzle, no exaggeration, no bragging, the real print speed 8PASS one-way ordinary at 6-8 square meters per hour! So the print speed of 10-12, 12-15 contains a lot of moisture! ! ! Of course, if the accuracy is low, the two-way printing can be achieved naturally, but the effect is naturally poor! ! !

print head

Third, the print effect of the nozzle, without any prejudice, Ricoh G5 nozzle, although not the highest precision, but the actual effect is absolutely first-class!

Fourth, the stability of the nozzle itself, currently 95% of the manufacturers of UV printers on the market choose to use Ricoh G5 nozzle as their company’s flagship product, its stability naturally do not have to worry! Good and bad, the easiest and most direct way to look at the manufacturers that use them, see their market share! If things are good, there are many people who use them naturally. There is no need to explain them too much.

uv printer

In summary, I recommend Ricoh G5 nozzle! Currently recognized products in the market! ! !

The Differences Between Sublimation Printer and Uv Printer

What’s the differences between uv printer and sublimation printer, there are three tips for pay attention.

sublimation printer First, use different ink
Thermal transfer printing uses thermal transfer ink, also known as thermal sublimation ink; uv printer uses uv ink.

Second, the process is different
Sublimation transfer: sublimation transfer printer is to first print the color pattern on a heat-resistant substrate, usually with a film material, and also need to be subjected to release treatment, and then combined with a special transfer device to transfer the pattern to the hot stamping method. Product surface. Thermal transfer needs to be equipped with a heat transfer machine, a baking machine, a baking cup machine, etc., and different products need to be processed.

sublimation printer

The UV printer directly prints the favorite pattern directly on the surface of the product, essentially a type of piezoelectric inkjet printing device. The ultraviolet light emitted by the led cold light source lamp reacts with the photosensitive curing agent in the uv ink, causing the pigment molecules in the uv ink to solidify on the surface of the material.

sublimation printer

Third, the application industry difference:
Sublimation transfer printer is currently used in plastics, toys, electrical appliances, gifts, food packaging, clothing and other industries. The advantage is that you can print on curved surfaces and irregular surfaces.

UV printers are mainly used in mobile phone cases, ceramic tiles, glass, metal, building materials, advertising, leather and many other industries. The advantage lies in the availability of the right, easy to operate, can achieve instant, batch production.

What’s The Advantages & Maintance of Uv Flatbed Printer?

Uv printer is essentially a type of piezoelectric inkjet printing device.
The picture that is shot has a bumpy feel. This is called embossed in the industry and is formed by stacking and printing of white ink.
The ink can’t see the light because the uv ink itself can react with the ultraviolet light in the sunlight, causing it to solidify. Therefore, in the process of storage and transportation, a black bottle is needed to avoid contact with sunlight.

UV flatbed printers The advantages of UV flatbed printers, from the actual production feedback:
1. Save labor. Compared with silk screen printing and transfer printing, if you print with uv, one person can finish printing, and the side will reduce the labor cost for the enterprise; after computer control, after the equipment is automatically printed, one technician will Can complete the entire printing process without hiring more employees
2, pollution reduction, compared to weak solvent, silk screen that is unpleasant pungent smell, although uv ink has a stimulating smell, but has greatly reduced pollution.
3, short version of personalized printing This piece of outstanding advantages, if you want to print any pattern, you can directly through the ps software to map.

uv flatbed printer

4, environmental protection, on the one hand, the noise pollution is relatively low, on the other hand, unlike the silk screen, solvent, with a strong pungent smell, damage to the operator’s body;
5, 3d relief effect, which can be used to customize the effect of 3d relief on the surface of the material, this piece adds value to the product.

uv flatbed printer

Daily maintenance of uv flatbed printer:

1. The equipment should be used at least once every three days. If it is not used for 7 days, it needs to moisturize the nozzle. If it is not used for more than 7 days, the nozzle should be removed and cleaned.

2. The water tank should be used every 3 Need to replace the purified water once a month;
3. The beam guide and the Y-axis guide rail need to be lubricated every other month to prevent rust;
4. The ink path system is recommended to be replaced once every six months to prevent the ink from depositing and depositing damage to the nozzle and affecting the printing effect;
5, the device needs to check the color every 1 month to ensure good printing results.

digital uv printer

What’s The Differences Between Uv Ink and Solvent Ink?

As you know uv ink is a consumable that is specifically designed for printing patterns on uv printer equipment. It has a pigment particle diameter of less than 1 micron, is free of volatile organic solvents, has ultra-low viscosity, and has no irritating odor. It ensures that the uv ink does not clog the nozzle during the jet printing process. UV ink is spray-dry, suitable for printing metal, glass, ceramics and other materials. The cured ink layer has high hardness, strong adhesion, scrub resistance, solvent resistance, high gloss, and strong outdoor weather resistance.

uv ink The difference between UV ink and solvent ink
UV inks and weak solvent inks determine their respective application methods and applications due to their inherent properties. Since the UV ink is attached to the substrate, it can be embossed after repeated printing. The weak solvent does not adhere to the surface of the carrier but penetrates into the carrier, so there is no way to print the relief effect. Since many materials in the weak solvent need to be coated when printing, unprinted printing products are easy to fade, while UV ink can be directly used to print many materials without any coating treatment. Simple, convenient and practical.

solvent ink

The UV ink reduces the volatile organic matter that escapes from the solvent-based ink during the heating and drying process, and should be matched with the post-processing equipment for post-treatment. The post-treatment method mainly uses the catalytic oxidation method and the cooling recovery method. UV 100% liquid content, no VOC, so there is no environmental pollution problem. Because of its non-toxic, instant drying, fine ink particles, high concentration, good stability, etc., it has been widely used.

sulimation ink

Uv ink can eliminate the hot drying tunnel and oven accumulating volatile organic matter post-processing equipment. Since the ink is not dried by the heating and drying method, the mechanism and the electronic component are not disturbed by the high temperature caused by the heating, and the shrinkage, thermal expansion or warpage of the roll is not caused by the high temperature. Therefore, the current amount of UV ink is increasing at a rate of 10%-20%/year.