What Should We do If the Inkjet Printer Nozzle Is Blocked?

Nowadays, the digital machines have become more and more popular in today’s life. As more pictures are taken, the photos that need to be printed are correspondingly increased. In order to facilitate the printing of photos, various businesses have launched a number of inkjet printers called photo-levels. Most of the larrge format inkjet printers on the market use random inkjet technology. Any use of things for a long time, or improper use will cause problems, today we will say that the inkjet printer nozzle is blocked? What is the inkjet printer nozzle cleaning method?

print head 1. What should I do if the inkjet printer nozzle is blocked?

1. Generally, the instructions for use in the printer are usually used (normal cleaning, strong cleaning, etc.). If the printer is not used for a long time, always turn on the printer and do a proper amount of printing. This is to prevent the ink in the nozzle from drying out.

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2, the printer of random inkjet technology, the continuous ink supply system uses special ink cartridges, pipelines, ink sacs, etc. In order to prevent the nozzle nozzle from being damaged due to ink quality and dust, the oily ink used is independently developed and produced. Ink, high-precision professional filtration technology ensures high ink purity. 3. It is necessary to replace the ink-absorbing pad independently developed by the continuous printing continuous ink supply system, which is corrosion-resistant and air-tight, and completely solves the problem of insufficient ink extraction.

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Second, inkjet printer nozzle cleaning

1. Periodically clean the printer nozzle. When cleaning, be careful not to touch the nozzle. Carefully wipe the nozzle edge with a good quality wet tissue or a tissue. Then use the cleaning button on the printer control panel to clean the nozzle until the printout is clear.

2. When performing the manual cleaning of the cartridge holder, the channel between the specific ink cartridge tube and the nozzle should be cleaned; in addition, the ink and ink block in the channel should be dissolved; for the nozzle and the nozzle, it is already dry. The ink should be carefully cleaned.

The above is about the inkjet printer nozzle blocked how to do related content, I hope to be helpful to everyone!

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What is the special color of the UV flatbed printer?What is its application?

What is the special color of the UV flatbed printer? & What is its application?

The special color of the UV flatbed printer means that when inkjet printing is used, the color is not synthesized by printing C, M, Y, K, or a specific uv ink is used to print the color. Currently used special colors are rose red, green, light gray, light gray, gold, silver and so on.

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There are two advantages:

1. Accuracy

Each special color has its own specific hue, so it can ensure the accuracy of the color in the printing, and then solve the problem of color transfer accuracy to a very small extent.

2. Performance gamut width

The color gamut in the special color library is very wide, exceeding the RGB color gamut, not to mention the CMYK color space. Therefore, a very small portion of the color is not available with CMYK four-color printing inks.

Uv special color ink and never like ordinary uv ink, it will take 2-3 years to enter the country. In fact, it is more and more difficult to apply at maturity, and its price is very cheap. At present, domestic uv inks are priced between $15 and $45, while uv inks from Japan, the United States, and Taiwan are between $30 and $45. Most of the spot color uv inks are imported from abroad, such as green uv ink, about one liter of about 90 US dollars; light gray uv ink, about 110 US dollars a liter; light gray uv ink is about 280 US dollars a liter; Silver uv ink, about $310 a liter.

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Application field

1. As can be seen from its cost, Uv special colors are suitable for high value-added processing. For users with very low color quality requirements, it is basically not used. It accounts for less than 10% of the entire uv printing market.

2.Uv special color ink is mostly used for export, mainly because the pupil color of foreigners is different from that of Chinese people. Their portrait patterns are gradually changing color and becoming more and more complex, and they need special colors to reflect.

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The use of the special color of the UV flatbed printing machine is very straightforward. After installing the ink cartridge, ink tube and print head of the special color, use the ICC to make the curve.

Why Your Inkjet Printer’s Print Head Always Blocked?

As you know inkjet printers are a better choice for users who use less. They can print color at a cheap price, but the printing speed will be slower than that of laser printers. The faults that inkjet printers are more prone to are generally unclear printing and nozzle blockage.


If you don’t clean well, you can only change the nozzle. Anyone who knows the price of the inkjet printer’s nozzle knows that if you buy one separately, you can buy a new printer at the same price. Therefore, when the nozzle is blocked, it must be processed in time.


Why is the nozzle blocked?
Because the printer nozzle is normally sealed after printing and is not tightly sealed or placed for a long time, the water will evaporate excessively, causing the ink droplets to dry on the fine nozzle, so that the ink cannot be ejected normally; usually it is often broken, missing color, and handwriting. Fuzzy and other faults.

inkjet pritnerLarge format Inkjet printer nozzles are blocked into two major categories of cleaning: 1 software cleaning 2 manual cleaning software
Cleaning and repair method: Software cleaning is cleaning using the print head cleaning function in the application tool of the printer driver. The advantage is that the operation is simple and fast; the disadvantage is that the cleaning effect is not ideal.

inkjet printerNote: 1 Do not mix ink. New inks can’t be rushed to add to the cartridge. First use a clean disposable syringe to inhale some of the ink and observe it in a bright place to see if there is any suspended matter in the ink.
2 cleaning methods should generally not exceed three times. When the printer is not clogged, it should be opened within three times.
3.Because of the “air resistance” phenomenon between the ink cartridge (such as the sponge filling type) and the print head, a small amount of irregular disconnection will occur. At this time, it is not necessary to repeatedly clean it. After being placed for a period of time, it can be used normally after restarting.

How to use wide format plotters to save cost reasonably?

wide format plottersWide format plotters can be divided into garment plotters, engineering plotters, etc. according to different purposes, but all in common are graphic output devices. Different soft keys can be equipped to implement different functions. (such as clothing factory with clothing plate making software)

A device that can draw graphs automatically according to people’s requirements. It can output computer information in the form of graphics output. Mainly can draw a variety of management charts and statistical charts, geodesy maps, architectural drawings, circuit wiring diagrams, mechanical drawings and computer-aided design drawings clothing cutting diagram.

Large-format plotter is generally composed of driving motor, interpolation, control circuit, drawing table, pen frame, mechanical transmission and other parts. Besides the necessary hardware, plotter must be equipped with rich drawing software. Only when software and hardware are combined can automatic drawing be realized. Software includes basic software and application software. There are many kinds of plotters, which can be divided into drum type and flat table type according to the structure and working principle.

wide format plotters(1) drum plotter. When the X direction stepper motor drives the roller rotation through the driving mechanism, the sprocket drives the drawing to move, so as to realize the X direction movement. The Y – direction movement is realized by the Y – direction stepper motor driving the pen holder. This plotter is compact in structure and large in drawing format. But it needs special drawing paper with chain holes on both sides.

(2) platform plotter. The drawing platform is mounted on the beam, the pen holder is mounted on the beam, and the drawing paper is fixed on the platform. The X – direction stepper motor drives the beam together with the pen holder to move in the X direction. Y direction stepper motor drives the pen rack along the beam guide rail and moves in the Y direction. There are three ways to fix the drawing on the platform, namely vacuum adsorption, electrostatic adsorption and magnetic strip compression. The platform plotter has high precision and no special requirement for drawing drawing, so it is widely used.

If you are interested in wide format inkjet plotters, please leave a message. I will recommend the right engineering plotter for you.

How to Maintain Your Large Format Eco-solvent Printer?

If you want to make the large format  machine use twice the result with half the effort, usually pay attention to the daily maintenance of the it, especially the outdoor large format machine, that is, we often say that the maintenance of the weak eco-solvent printer machine must be done better than the maintenance of the indoor photo machine. We also spend a lot more.

large format printer Since indoor wide format machine outdoor large format  machines are classified according to different advertising use environments, the related inks used are also different. The indoor photo machine uses water-based ink, and the water-based ink is generally suitable for indoor advertising image screens. It is not waterproof and is exposed to long-term glare. If it is like an outdoor environment, the water-based ink will easily fade, and the storage time will not fade easily. However, due to the characteristics of the water-based ink of the indoor photo machine, the maintenance of the nozzle is lower than that of the weak eco-solvent printer.

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Outdoor wide format machine, using weak solvent ink, weak solvent ink has certain waterproofness, and the printed image is used in different outdoor climates, such as sun and rain, etc. It is a characteristic of a weak solvent ink. However, due to these characteristics, it is also a problem that requires attention to daily maintenance of a weak solvent photo machine.

Before using the large format printer every day, it is recommended to print the nozzle test strip to check whether the nozzle is clogged. If there is any blockage, please perform the cleaning operation to ensure that the nozzle is in good condition.

UV plotter

If the large format printer is deactivated for more than 3 days or more, please clamp the two ink tubes under the ink stack cap with the clamp before stopping the machine, and add some cleaning liquid to the ink stack cap to ensure that the surface of the nozzle is wet. , effectively protect the nozzle.


If the large format eco-solvent printer needs to be idle for a long time, please keep the protective cover for the machine during the idle period of the machine to avoid dust pollution. Also, please put the machine in a safe position to avoid the cause of rodent, insect and other abnormal wear and tear. The machine is damaged.

Pay attention to the fireproof, waterproof, anti-theft and other work of the machine storage room to avoid damage or loss of the large format printer, computer and RIP software!

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