How to Make and Keep Your Sublimation Printer be a Good Condition?

As you will be using your sublimation printer on a regular basis, it is important that it is running in tip-top shape at all times. To keep your sublimation printer in good condition, you need to do regular maintenance. After all, you don’t want your sublimation printer to stop working just when you receive a large order. When you perform regular maintenance on your sublimation printer, it will work all the time, which in turn reduces the number of hassles significantly. How do you keep your sublimation printer in tip-top shape? Here are three amazing tips that you can use:

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Check The Print Head

You need to keep checking the print head on a regular basis if you want to have high-quality prints all the time. Move the print head to one side and look at the sides to see if there is any ink build up. If you notice ink build up on the plastic part of the print head, you should clean it. However, do not try to clean the head directly as you may damage it.

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Keep The Capping Station, Flush Pad, And Wiper Blade Clean

The capping station is important because it uses a vacuum to prepare your print heads. If there is any contamination due to the deposition of ink, it will overload itself every time you need to get something printed. Clean the capping station with the help of a Q-tip.

The flush pad is where the print head will release small amounts of ink to ensure the nozzle is open. As you keep printing with your sublimation printer, the pad will reach a saturation point after which it won’t work at all. Rinse the flush pad regularly so that you have a hassle-free printing experience.

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The wiper blade will keep your print head clean by removing excess ink from it. Over time, your wiper blade will become dirty with ink. As a result of this, your wiper blade won’t be able to clean the printer heads. Use a Q-tip to clean your wiper blade.

Perform Nozzle Checks Before You Start The Day

Every day before you start printing, you should perform nozzle checks or test prints. Nozzle checks will let you know if all the wide format printer heads are working at optimal levels. If there is clogging in the heads, you will notice a drop in the quality of your print. In such situations, you need to clean the print head before you start printing.

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Which One will be Your Correct Large Foamt Printer?

How to choose the correct large format pritner for your busienss? There is no shortage of printers in the market. A standard buyer tends to use the maximum number of deals and the applicable options to purchase the cheapest printer money can buy. The hunt for the most economically priced printer throws away other buying considerations. It is wrong to assume that competition has forced even the cheapest printer to generate good quality prints. Compounding this perception error is the “look” of the printers. They are aesthetically pleasing and smart to look at, thereby swaying the buying decision. People often end by buying a printer which does nothing for their requirements. It is vital to know that making a wrong printer selection will introduce horrific expensive costs over its lifetime. Function and not style must influence the buying decision.

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Printers and their relation with cartridges

Cheaply priced wide format printers invariably use expensive cartridges. These will bleed you economically in the longer period of time. These cheap printers are so cheap that they appear to be a “steal.” These machines advertise an “all-in-one” capacity, doing scanning, print, and copy in a single unit. To enrich their buying possibilities, manufacturers even make them wireless. The outward appearance is slick. The pain comes from the cost of the cartridges. The starting is innocuous enough. The printer comes with a partially filled cartridge which lasts enough to make a customer happy for the first few days. Then the ink ends in the cartridge and the pain begins.

The replacement cartridge could be outrageously expensive. Its price could be higher than the machine itself. Sometimes it’s better to purchase a new machine than the cartridge itself. If you do not want to buy pricey inks, then there are cheaper alternatives. These, however, could end up damaging the machine.

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Printer must fit needs

Large format inkjet printers provide a number of features and functions. First, decide on whether you should buy a laser printer or an inkjet one. The latter is the cheaper one and you could print decent looking photos. It is possible to scan, fax, and print from the same machine. Many needs multiple ink cartridges for color printing. Laser printers, on the other hand, are regarded as the workhorse of the desktop printing industry. The most popular laser printers are the monochrome ones, printing only with black ink. Laser printers make a better choice for office use. The print is made using toner cartridges. A toner cartridge costs more than an inkjet cartridge but makes up for it in the longer term.

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What’s The Necessary Consideration Before Starting Printing Projects?

When you have a number of projects on your lap right now. If you run a business, then the marketing efforts should be on the top of your list. Even as going online is now the “it” thing to be, print still plays a major role in decision making. People still like to hold something in their hand before they part with their money. All large format printing projects must be begun with proper homework done beforehand. If this is not done, the chances are that you will suffer extended delays in the later part of the business cycle. Worse, you may lose your business reputation and even brand recognition.

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Pricing and quality

Competitive pricing is extremely important in digital printing projects. The easiest way to achieve minimum expense is to compare quotes given by different printing companies. Do understand the price quoted may depend on where your office is located. Printers in posh localities quote inflated prices while others with addresses in poorer, less industrialized areas offer discounts. Then again, you get what you pay.

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Print quality is a clinching factor. The marketing material for your business should be richly colored and must have a professional appearance. This will impress potential customers and clients. Conversely, cheap paper and visible flaws mean a company is a shoddy one. Potential customers could be put off by cheap products.

Proofing and delivery

Delivery within deadlines is a must. All wide format printing jobs have stated deadlines. This could be a difficult problem if materials do not get ready within this time. This is why you should always approach professional companies for the job. Experienced printers will give you the exact date within which the print will be ready for you to collect and dispatch.

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Proofing is vital for any print job. Read the print multiple times and with fresh eyes to make sure that the text is a flawless one. You must show to your customers that you are a perfectionist and can easily manage both small and larger jobs without breaking a sweat. Any mistakes in the final print reflect on your efficiency. A single flaw means customers may not believe that you can deliver a flawless job. Proofing is a vital activity. Carve some time out from your busy schedule to proof-read every word and sentence structure. Take a long and hard look at the images. Do they match the text content? If not, change the images.

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What are the benefits of wide format plotters using original ink?

Wide format plotter as a large-scale advertising spraying printing equipment, daily color spraying printing, photo printer output image picture color, clarity and so on have a very close relationship with ink. What are the benefits of using original ink in wide format plotters?

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Ink is very important for wide format plotters and is the main consumable for wide format plotters. Only high-quality inks can make inkjet plotters work best. Therefore, as a member of the advertising inkjet industry, as a user of large-format plotters, the daily use of wide format inkjet printers must purchase original quality inks from plotter manufacturers.

First of all, using original ink, wide-format plotter printing color is more guaranteed. Select the original ink of the manufacturer to better enjoy the after-sales guarantee of the manufacturer, so as to better ensure the color and quality of the wide-format plotter printing.

wide format plotterHigh-quality original ink, with good color reproduction, excellent color saturation, excellent color and color gamut expression, rich and colorful, realistic effect, photo machine print output image and original design color difference is small, to achieve the best The color performance.

Secondly, using the original original ink of the photo machine, the ink has good fluency and little influence by temperature, and it has a good performance in different climates. For example, Nanjing Oric wide format printer original original ink, long time inkjet print output is not easy to print broken. Good print performance, good adhesion and fast drying. Oric wide format printer original original ink has good weather resistance, green and environmental protection, effectively protect the print head, ensure the print quality of the picture, and improve the drying speed of the picture.

wide format plottersFinally, using the wide original plotter original original ink, the wide format plotter printout output media compatibility is better. For example, it can be used for various printing paper media inside or outside the user, such as photo paper, photo cloth, inkjet cloth, car sticker, adhesive, etc. After inkjet printing, it can be applied to exterior wall encapsulation products of automobiles and buildings, store promotion. Posters, advertisements, posters, promotional materials, etc., the application field is very large.

All in all, the wide format plotter uses original ink, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also the use is more assured. Therefore, the benefits of wide-format printers using original ink printing are always good, and “a penny and a share” is always right! For wide-format eco-solvent printers, please use and purchase original inks. Don’t use cheap inks and use them. You won’t miss it!

Which Facts Will Affects The Quality of Large Format Printer?

The high-quality signages will bring people an extraordinary visual impact. In addition to high speed, high resolution and vibrant output are also very important. Here are 4 factors which affect large format printer quality.

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