How to Make and Keep Your Sublimation Printer be a Good Condition?

As you will be using your sublimation printer on a regular basis, it is important that it is running in tip-top shape at all times. To keep your sublimation printer in good condition, you need to do regular maintenance. After all, you don’t want your sublimation printer to stop working just when you receive a large order. When you perform regular maintenance on your sublimation printer, it will work all the time, which in turn reduces the number of hassles significantly. How do you keep your sublimation printer in tip-top shape? Here are three amazing tips that you can use:

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Check The Print Head

You need to keep checking the print head on a regular basis if you want to have high-quality prints all the time. Move the print head to one side and look at the sides to see if there is any ink build up. If you notice ink build up on the plastic part of the print head, you should clean it. However, do not try to clean the head directly as you may damage it.

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Keep The Capping Station, Flush Pad, And Wiper Blade Clean

The capping station is important because it uses a vacuum to prepare your print heads. If there is any contamination due to the deposition of ink, it will overload itself every time you need to get something printed. Clean the capping station with the help of a Q-tip.

The flush pad is where the print head will release small amounts of ink to ensure the nozzle is open. As you keep printing with your sublimation printer, the pad will reach a saturation point after which it won’t work at all. Rinse the flush pad regularly so that you have a hassle-free printing experience.

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The wiper blade will keep your print head clean by removing excess ink from it. Over time, your wiper blade will become dirty with ink. As a result of this, your wiper blade won’t be able to clean the printer heads. Use a Q-tip to clean your wiper blade.

Perform Nozzle Checks Before You Start The Day

Every day before you start printing, you should perform nozzle checks or test prints. Nozzle checks will let you know if all the wide format printer heads are working at optimal levels. If there is clogging in the heads, you will notice a drop in the quality of your print. In such situations, you need to clean the print head before you start printing.

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These three points guarantee the accuracy of color printing of the heat sublimation printer

The quality of the print quality of the heat sublimation printer is not only reflected in the fineness of the output picture, but also in the accuracy of the color on the output picture. How can I guarantee the accuracy of the color printing of the heat sublimation printer? After reading this article, you will understand.

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The first is ink, the importance of ink in color performance needless to say, I believe everyone knows. The expressiveness of ink color and the breadth of color gamut directly affect the accuracy of color. The ink has a strong color expression and a wide color gamut, which can adhere well to the printing medium. In addition, the ink curve is compatible with the color control of the large format sublimation printer, so that the color can be restored to achieve the best color expression.

Followed by the print media, the print media is the carrier that carries the color, and its quality is also critical to the accuracy of the printed color. A good printing medium can absorb ink droplets very well, can be well colored, accurately expresses colors, and finally forms an output image with delicate images and accurate colors.

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Finally, the computer and sublimation paper printer print patterns are all done by computer operation. The pictures also need to be designed by computer. Different quality computers display different colors. Under normal circumstances, the higher the resolution of the computer, the more accurate the expression of the design image color, so it is recommended that you design the best computer with the best configuration when the conditions permit.

These are the factors that will affect the color accuracy of the heat sublimation printer printing, I hope to help everyone.

What if the ink output of wide format thermal sublimation printer is too large?

It is well known that the amount of ink produced by a wide format thermal sublimation printer can be adjusted as needed to achieve a variety of different styles of picture. However, when the thermal sublimation printer prints too much ink, it will cause the printing net to be too heavy, the lines are too thick, the printing effect is greatly reduced, and even the material is wasted.

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Therefore, if you are experiencing a large amount of ink when the textile sublimation printer is working, you should find the cause and solve the problem in time.

Cause 1: It may be that the amount of control ink in the RIP software (drawing software) is set too high, and the amount of ink can be adjusted by setting.

There is no corresponding option and you need to make settings through the printer’s control panel.

Cause 2: It may also be the cause of the print media. If the print medium is poorly adsorbed and the temperature is extremely low, the coating is not uniform.

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Therefore, it is recommended to choose a better print medium, and at the same time properly increase the working temperature of the sublimation paper printer.

How to choose a quality ink sublimation printer? Pay attention to these five details

Many entrepreneurs who have just entered the digital printing industry don’t know how to buy a high-quality ink sublimation printer. Here I give five details to help you easily.

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1. Refer to the manufacturer’s word of mouth and advertising production examples. This requires you to have more information on the Internet, ask more professionals, and if the word of mouth is good, the machine is guaranteed in terms of quality. For example, Nanjing ORIC wide-format inkjet printer manufacturers have been ahead of other manufacturers for eight consecutive years, and they are the leaders in the printing industry. This is not a hole in the wind, it is proven by data.

ink sublimation printer2. Choose according to the requirements of production. If you have a lot of production every day, it is recommended to choose a high speed machine. When buying a ink sublimation printer, you can’t just look at the price. Because there are some equipments on the market that are low in configuration and work very slowly, does this seriously affect your production requirements and damage your immediate interests? The TX3206 of the ORIC sublimation series belongs to the high-speed machine, and the six Ricoh print heads work simultaneously, which can satisfy the users with large production volume.

3. Select the device that suits you according to the size of the printed material. Under the same configuration, the wider the print size, the more expensive it will be, but it may not be suitable for your production requirements. Whether it is suitable for yourself is the priority consideration. So in the procurement process, the bigger the better, the better. Choosing the right one is the best.

ink sublimation printer4. The source of the printer accessories. Don’t underestimate those inconspicuous accessories, this is the key to determining the pros and cons of the printer. ORIC sublimation ink printers work with world-renowned print head manufacturers and software vendors to bring the latest and most practical technologies into the product. It adopts the world’s top Epson original print head, imported DuPont rubber press paper wheel, imported THK ultra long life guide rail and other imported accessories, and its quality domestic equipment can not be compared with it.

5. After sales service. A good quality digital sublimation printer will have some minor problems during use, let alone you buy unsatisfactory equipment. Some manufacturers sell their equipment and don’t even care if they receive the money. Therefore, after-sales service is very important, and can guarantee to help you deal with small problems in the use process and safeguard your own interests. Nanjing ORIC has a first-class after-sales team and a comprehensive after-sales system to ensure after-sales quality and bring a more perfect product experience to customers.

How much ink does a digital sublimation printer consume per square meter?

How many milliliters of ink per square meter is the piezoelectric digital sublimation printer? I believe this is a question many friends want to know. In fact, this problem is very abstract, there is no uniform numerical value. Therefore, the ink consumption per square meter of piezoelectric wide format inkjet printer is affected by many factors, we can understand in detail below.

In fact, the amount of ink consumed per square meter of a sublimation textile printer is related to the color coverage and the print quality you choose. For example, if there are two pairs of pictures, the A4 format, one is 100% color coverage, and the other is 10% color coverage. The amount of ink consumed by the two is definitely different. The same picture, if you print separately with 1440DPI and 720DPI, the amount of ink consumed is different. The higher the printing accuracy, the higher the amount of ink consumed.

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In general, if it is at 80% color coverage. It takes about 12 ml for a digital sublimation printer to print one square meter.