Should You Choose An Inkjet Printer or A Laser Pritner?

Many customers are tangled, should they choose an inkjet printer or a laser printer?
The first thing to note is that laser printers and inkjet printers have their own advantages. The following is a brief description of the advantages and disadvantages of inkjet printers and laser printers from several aspects, hoping to help you make the right choice.

laser printer

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Printer:

Advantages: The consumables of laser printers are toner cartridges. The printing speed is relatively fast, the daily printing volume (monthly load) is large, the writing is clear, and the color depth can be adjusted. Because the toner cartridge is made of toner, it can be stored for a long time as long as the toner cartridge is not exposed to light. The machine is more durable and has a longer life span.

inkjet printerDisadvantages: Compared to inkjet printers, laser printers are more expensive, larger than inkjets (relatively speaking), and have more disposable investments than inkjets.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inkjet Printers:


Advantages: The consumables for inkjet printers are ink cartridges, and the price of machines and consumables is relatively cheaper than lasers. At the same time, the cost per sheet is also low. Colors can be printed in bright colors (photos), and are generally smaller than laser printers.

inkjet printerDisadvantages: The printing speed is slower than that of a laser printer. For users with a small amount of printing, the print head may be blocked when it is not used for a long time.



I hope that the above reply can bring some reference and help to your actual purchase.

What’s The Pros & Cons of Epson, Toshiba and Ricoh Print Head?

At present, the most common UV printer nozzles in the industry are Epson, Toshiba and Ricoh. The life, accuracy and stability of the nozzle directly affect the use of subsequent equipment. The core is to look at the price of the nozzle, the cheap nozzle is not expensive, in fact, this is a lot of customers are not particularly aware of the nozzle, and now for everyone to spread some small common sense about the UV printer nozzle.

UV flatbed printer

From the perspective of print fineness, Epson’s nozzle is the finest, followed by Toshiba and Ricoh again. The color printed by the Epson nozzle is more saturated, because it has a finer orifice and a smaller ink point, which improves the overall printing effect. Toshiba nozzles are second only to Epson, Ricoh’s nozzles are larger, and the three machines will be more obvious at the same time.

inkjet printer head

We know that the print speed is determined by the fineness of the printhead, the quality of the print, and the size of the print. The same print material, print pattern, print format to compare, Epson’s print speed is the slowest, followed by Ricoh, and finally Toshiba. Toshiba prints are twice as fast as Epson.

1, printing accuracy: Epson dx5 nozzle (ink point 3.5pl)> Toshiba CE4 nozzle (ink point 5pl)> Ricoh G5 nozzle (ink point 7pl)
2, nozzle life: Toshiba CE4 nozzle (36-60 months)> Ricoh G5 nozzle (9-18 months)> Epson five generation nozzle (2-6 months).

print head3, the price of the nozzle: Ricoh 5 generation nozzle (more than 20,000 RMB)> Toshiba nozzle (more than 10,000 RMB)> Epson fifth generation nozzle (price instability around 6000RMB).
4, nozzle stability: Toshiba CE4 nozzle > Ricoh G5 nozzle > Epson five generation nozzle. 5, printing speed: Toshiba CE4 nozzle > Ricoh G5 nozzle > Epson five generation nozzle.

Customers can decide according to their own comprehensive needs. Epson is a civilian nozzle, Toshiba and Ricoh are industrial nozzles. Toshiba nozzles are currently the most cost-effective in the industry, and they are the most widely selected, which greatly reduces the maintenance costs in the later period.

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Why Your Inkjet Printer’s Print Head Always Blocked?

As you know inkjet printers are a better choice for users who use less. They can print color at a cheap price, but the printing speed will be slower than that of laser printers. The faults that inkjet printers are more prone to are generally unclear printing and nozzle blockage.


If you don’t clean well, you can only change the nozzle. Anyone who knows the price of the inkjet printer’s nozzle knows that if you buy one separately, you can buy a new printer at the same price. Therefore, when the nozzle is blocked, it must be processed in time.


Why is the nozzle blocked?
Because the printer nozzle is normally sealed after printing and is not tightly sealed or placed for a long time, the water will evaporate excessively, causing the ink droplets to dry on the fine nozzle, so that the ink cannot be ejected normally; usually it is often broken, missing color, and handwriting. Fuzzy and other faults.

inkjet pritnerLarge format Inkjet printer nozzles are blocked into two major categories of cleaning: 1 software cleaning 2 manual cleaning software
Cleaning and repair method: Software cleaning is cleaning using the print head cleaning function in the application tool of the printer driver. The advantage is that the operation is simple and fast; the disadvantage is that the cleaning effect is not ideal.

inkjet printerNote: 1 Do not mix ink. New inks can’t be rushed to add to the cartridge. First use a clean disposable syringe to inhale some of the ink and observe it in a bright place to see if there is any suspended matter in the ink.
2 cleaning methods should generally not exceed three times. When the printer is not clogged, it should be opened within three times.
3.Because of the “air resistance” phenomenon between the ink cartridge (such as the sponge filling type) and the print head, a small amount of irregular disconnection will occur. At this time, it is not necessary to repeatedly clean it. After being placed for a period of time, it can be used normally after restarting.

Steps for making banner with directly sublimation printer

Steps for making banner with directly sublimation printer

directly sublimation printerBunting creates an air switch, presses the main power button, turns on the red light, turns on the heating switch, turns on the green light of the temperature controller, and the machine starts to heat up. Place the dialer number at 250 degrees Celsius below the thermostat and the green light will illuminate to automatically control the temperature. When the temperature display reaches approximately 250 degrees Celsius, a red light indicates that the operating temperature has been reached and can be transmitted.

If the transfer temperature is too low, set the temperature to rise appropriately and vice versa. Check the dial code settings before each boot to prevent people from setting too high and burning the blanket. Turn on the motor switch, turn to forward rotation, and slowly turn the speed control knob from left to right to achieve the proper speed.

How to use the flag printing machine to transfer?

directly sublimation printerFront version: lettering, on one side of the colored cloth, can be transferred to the blanket.

Negative film: Place the engraved white paper (or kraft paper) on the cloth, cover it with a layer of colored paper, and add a blanket to transfer it normally.

In order to ensure the transfer of the finished product, please turn off the power and then rotate the motor reel. At this time, it can still be transferred, the effect is the same (note the same speed).

In order to ensure the service life of the conversion blanket, please adjust the dialer to below 95 °C after each conversion, the machine will continue to rotate until the display temperature drops below 100 °C, the banner printing machine will stop.

Why Epson 5113 Print Head Shortage in Digital Maketing?

As we all known that with the shortage of supply and price of the epson five-generation head, the digital printing machine using the epson5113 print head has been introduced in the market (the 5113 is named for the print head used by the eposn5113 desktop printer).

epson 5113 1. The reason why Epson’s fifth generation is out of stock is because Epson encrypts the fifth generation head, resulting in a shortage of supply and soaring prices. Once the fifth generation is out of stock, users who use the fifth generation will have to eliminate the equipment.

epson 51132. Due to the status quo of the fifth generation head, the 5113 print head is optimistic by the equipment manufacturer, and the 5113 print head is better than the fifth generation head in printing speed. The problem is that the 5113 print head is again encrypted by Epson, and there is no source of supply. The situation going on is the same as that of the fifth generation. The shortage of goods and the soaring prices.

epson 51133. Epson 5113 nozzle equipment is not very mature so far, as a desktop printer nozzle is also relatively fragile, it is easy to burn the nozzle in the case of unstable voltage. The continuation of this situation has led to the suffering of users of domestic equipment using Epson nozzles, the use cycle of nozzles and racks is too short, the use cost of nozzles and racks cannot be estimated, and the production cost is greatly increased.

epson 5113Therefore, using Epson’s truly open equipment nozzles (rather than desktop printer nozzles) or using industrial nozzles (such as Kyocera, Seiko, Panasonic, Ricoh, etc., industrial nozzles have long service life and more stable use) are the requirements to cater to the market development law. The use of Epson sprinklers from domestic equipment is lacking, and the shortage is rising.