Why Ricoh GEN5 head hot on UV printers?

When buying a UV printer, what kind of nozzles does everyone would like to choose? At present, there are UV printers modified from Epson original nozzles on the market, including Konica nozzles, Seiko nozzles, Ricoh nozzles, etc. The most popular is Ricoh nozzles. Why?

KEUNDO UV printer

KEUNDO UV printer

EPSON print head:

Firstly, Japanese ESPON print head has always been an independent leader in the era of Japanese inkjet machines. You can see EPSON print heads in MIMAKI, ROLAND, MOUTH and other series of Japanese inkjet printers. At present, domestic wide-format inkjet printers have also begun to use Espon DX5/ DX7, lead domestic printing machines. For example, our piezoelectric printing machine manufacturers such as ORIC, KEUNDO, ALLWIN series indoor and outdoor piezoelectric printing machines use high-performance and high-precision Epson DX5 piezoelectric nozzles.

Konica print head:

Konica nozzles are double-row ink inlet pipes with uniform flow and pressure. Ensure print quality. Some brands are single row. 512 Konica nozzle is a fully enclosed nozzle, waterproof and anti-aging. Konica nozzles have poor compatibility with inks, have strict requirements for inks in different seasons, and are sensitive to environmental temperature changes. When plate of the nozzles exposing outside, and ink will burn the nozzles. It is easy to break ink when working at high and low temperatures. The life span is less than 1.5 years.

RICOH GEN5 Printhead

RICOH GEN5 Printhead

RICOH print head:

High-end industrial UV printers normally use Ricoh print heads. For example, most of one or two million imported branded machines use Ricoh print heads. The same industrial nozzle machine, Ricoh’s printing effect is absolutely the best, the clearest, can basically achieve Epson printing effect. Double-row ink inlet, fine ink dots, grayscale printing. Fully enclosed print head, waterproof and anti-aging. Ricoh Gen5 print head has a built-in constant temperature system. you can adjust voltage with temperature to obtain a more stable printing state. The circuit board of the print head is all metal wrapped, which can soak the ink without causing damage to the print head. Besides, The print head has a long spanlife and normally can use for 3-5 years. It is the most successful piezoelectric print head. Single sprinkler with single-color control, all-steel structure super corrosion-resistant sprinkler, both speed and effect, but its disadvantage is that the price is more expensive than other types of sprinkler machines.

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