Steps for making banner with directly sublimation printer

Steps for making banner with directly sublimation printer

directly sublimation printerBunting creates an air switch, presses the main power button, turns on the red light, turns on the heating switch, turns on the green light of the temperature controller, and the machine starts to heat up. Place the dialer number at 250 degrees Celsius below the thermostat and the green light will illuminate to automatically control the temperature. When the temperature display reaches approximately 250 degrees Celsius, a red light indicates that the operating temperature has been reached and can be transmitted.

If the transfer temperature is too low, set the temperature to rise appropriately and vice versa. Check the dial code settings before each boot to prevent people from setting too high and burning the blanket. Turn on the motor switch, turn to forward rotation, and slowly turn the speed control knob from left to right to achieve the proper speed.

How to use the flag printing machine to transfer?

directly sublimation printerFront version: lettering, on one side of the colored cloth, can be transferred to the blanket.

Negative film: Place the engraved white paper (or kraft paper) on the cloth, cover it with a layer of colored paper, and add a blanket to transfer it normally.

In order to ensure the transfer of the finished product, please turn off the power and then rotate the motor reel. At this time, it can still be transferred, the effect is the same (note the same speed).

In order to ensure the service life of the conversion blanket, please adjust the dialer to below 95 °C after each conversion, the machine will continue to rotate until the display temperature drops below 100 °C, the banner printing machine will stop.

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