How to maintain our UV printers printheads?

UV print heads

UV print heads

As we all know, the print head is the most important part of the printer, no matter how good your product quality is, and no matter what kind of guarantee your after-sales has, if you usually do not properly maintain the print head or Ignore the maintenance of the print head, once it blocks or damage, you will not be able to operate normally even the best equipment.
Many customers don’t pay much attention to the warranty of the print heads. If a few print heads break down a year, it is a big loss. In addition, the print heads of UV machines are usually industrial-grade print heads, which are more expensive than ordinary printers. More expensive. So how to maintain the UV flatbed printer nozzle to extend the life of the universal flatbed printer nozzle. Through the summary, several methods are drawn for your reference.

print head cleaning

print head cleaning

1. Cleaning:

For nozzle maintenance, cleaning is the best method. When the day’s work is over, the machine stops running, and the ink is still in the nozzle of the UV flatbed inkjet printer. This requires us to clean the nozzle well. If not, the ink will block the nozzle after a night. The biggest fear of printers is the clogging of the nozzles. Once the nozzles clog, ink needs to draw, which not only wastes a lot of our time, but also wastes ink. Cleaning can be divided into manual cleaning or automatic cleaning. It is best to keep the cleaned nozzles from light.

2. Moisturizing:

Moisturizing is also an important method for maintaining the nozzles of UV flatbed inkjet printers. After the machine stops, there is still ink in the nozzles. If no moisturizing treatment is performed, the ink will solidify and block the nozzles. Moisturizing the print head can effectively prevent the ink in the print head from curing. Even if overnight, the print head will continue to work smoothly the next day.

3. Disassembly, cleaning, collection and maintenance:

Although cleaning and moisturizing can protect the print head from blocked, if the printer has worked for a long time, the best way is to remove the print head for cleaning, and then seal the print head for storage. Sealed storage can prevent particulate objects in the air from contacting the nozzle and block the nozzle.

The above is a few maintenance methods for UV flatbed inkjet printer nozzles summarized by the editor. Through our usual careful maintenance, to achieve the above three points, I believe that the service life of the nozzles will be prolonged.

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