How Does Sublimation Printing Work – Let’s Know Some Advantages about It

As we all know, sublimation printing is a high-tech form of printing and it used widely in recent years. Now reading and following, I will share you some about it.

How Does Sublimation printing work

“Sublimation” is the process of converting matter between solid and gaseous states without passing through liquid form. Although sublimation printing does not actually involve sublimation, because the dye does pass through a liquid stage, it dries so fast that it appears to be sublimating.

Sublimation printers work by running a colored ink ribbon over the printing surface. A moving head runs over the ribbon, flash-boiling the ink, which immediately condenses and dries on the printing surface. The head makes several passes, each with a different color of ribbon.

Know some Advantages about Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing has many advantages over inkjet printing. Inkjet printing can only use four colors. By printing individual dots of the four colors, an inkjet printer can create the illusion of additional colors and tones. However, up close, you can see the different dots that make up the field. This looks, and is, unprofessional.

On the other hand, sublimation printing, by layering the different dyes, can create a solid field of colour of any tone. This leads to a professional and attractive look.

Uses of dye sublimation printing

Sublimation is the industry standard for all professional printing. Common high-quality printing needs are:

  • business cards
  • company identification badges
  • posters
  • decals
  • pamphlets
  • presentations
  • charts
  • anything else!

For all of the above, it is essential to use dye sublimation, rather than inkjet, printing. Because professionals now all use sublimation printing, not using it looks unprofessional. Clients know that ink jet printing shows you have a small and new business.

Additionally, sublimation printing makes it easier to prevent forgery of documents. When an ID is printed on inkjet, anyone with a scanner can forge it in under an hour. This can be a real security risk if you deal with classified documents or government contracts. Dye sublimation printing makes it easy to spot a fake ID at a glance.

Finally, dye sublimation printing can print on cloth. With sublimation printing, you can print high-quality and professional artwork on t-shirts, banners, and hats. Sublimation printing on cloth leads to permanent color that does not crack or fade.

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