What about the following three problems with the UV printer?Worth collecting

In the advertising production industry, UV flatbed printing equipment is an indispensable “artifact”. Although the UV flatbed printer is easy to operate, it may encounter some problems for the “newbie” who is not skilled in operation, resulting in print quality. There are mistakes, how can this be solved? Don’t worry, these 3 common questions, I will sort out for you~

1. Print media

In the printing process of UV flatbed printer, the print quality of the screen may be wrong due to the failure of the printhead, the adjustment of the height of the medium, etc., mainly due to the ink drop or ink leakage of the printhead, or the distance between the nozzle and the material medium is too close, causing the printhead to wipe. Through the surface of the media, damage the image quality. The printed material must be placed flat, which is much better for devices with suction devices. Of course, there is another reason why the printed material is too transparent or too thick. At this time, you need to reload the printing material to ensure that the surface is flat, and also to replace the opaque printing material.

2. Drip phenomenon

There are occasional drops of ink during printing on a UV flatbed printer. This is usually because the filter in the air filter on the secondary ink tank is wet, resulting in poor ventilation. This may also be caused by fines such as fine hair and dust on the UV flatbed printer. The ink that is ejected will automatically drip when the dirt accumulates to a certain extent. To solve such problems, it is necessary to replace the air filter. At the same time, it is necessary to clean the nozzle with a special cleaning solution. A detailed inspection of the two edges of the light box cloth is required to see if there are any extra burrs. If there are burrs, It is simply processed with a lighter.

3. Data transmission problems

Maybe you will encounter a situation where the UV flatbed printer keeps flashing after transmitting the print data, even if the start button is pressed, the UV flatbed printer still cannot print. This is also a common print production failure that is difficult for an inexperienced operator to handle. It should be noted that if the UV flatbed printer performs an incorrect termination of printing during the printing process, even if the printing job is stopped, some residual print data will be transferred to the UV flatbed printer on the computer side, and the memory remains. With these print data, the data is invalid in the UV printer, the printing work can not be realized, and the subsequent printing work cannot be performed normally.

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Note! What should I do if my wide-format inkjet printer adds wrong ink?

Wide-format inkjet printer users should be aware that in daily work, it is forbidden to mix inks of different natures, because water-based inks use water and water-soluble solvents as the main components of the dissolved color base, while oil-based inks use the water-insoluble solvent as the dissolved color. The main ingredient of the base. Once the oily ink and the aqueous ink are mixed, it will cause agglomeration, and a precipitate will be formed in the ink path, thereby blocking the ink path system or the printer nozzle, causing unnecessary significant loss to the user.

Then, if the user accidentally adds the wrong ink, what should be done and remedy?

First of all, you must stop the printing of the wide-format inkjet printer immediately, and then deal with it according to the following points.


If the ink has just been added to the ink cartridge and has not yet entered the ink supply path, simply replace the ink cartridge. It is recommended that the user use a new ink cartridge, which will prevent the ink from remaining on the wall and bottom of the cartridge due to unclean cleaning.


If the ink has entered the ink supply path, it is necessary to clean the entire ink path while replacing the corresponding ink bag. If the cleaning is not clean, the entire ink supply system needs to be replaced.


If the large format inkjet printer has turned on the cleaning function, then the ink has entered the print head. In this case, the nozzle should be removed immediately, and the nozzle should be cleaned with the nozzle cleaning liquid until the discharged cleaning liquid becomes clear. The ink in the print head should be used. All discharged.


If the wide-format inkjet printer head has been severely clogged, it must be handled by a professional technician.

Inkjet printers add wrong inks without any benefit, not only will cause property damage, but also affect work efficiency, so users must be careful not to add mistakes when adding ink. In addition, the storage of aqueous inks and oily inks must be strictly differentiated.

Application of large-format printer in image field

With the ink-jet printing technology becoming more and more mature, more and more advanced, ink optimization, everyone’s concerns about fading, production process, equipment failure has been resolved, large-format ink-jet printing once again into people’s sight, many film studio owners and late output centers began to favor this fast, simple, economic, environmental protection, diversified mode of output.

What can a large-format printer do in the studio?

Here are the following answers: large wedding photos, exquisite photo albums, art tapestries, exquisite pillows, Korean crystal, Amich, three-dimensional wedding photos, frameless pictures, art photos, photo walls, wedding exhibition shelves, wedding invitations, in-store advertising, promotional posters, recruitment announcements, employee performance lists… The large-format printer that can be made by traditional printing can be made, and the large-format printer that can not be made by traditional printing can also be made.

What are the advantages of large-format printers in the application of film studios?

Convenience: The movie studio is far from the large post-center and the city with large color expander. It is very inconvenient to transmit films and deliver goods. If there is a large-format printer to solve these problems completely.

Environmental protection: The traditional silver salt printing wastewater is polluted by heavy metals, which is prohibited by the environmental protection department. In the near future, a new regulation will be carried out. More environmentally friendly dry printing is highly recommended.

Equipment investment is low: all investment is not much, about $15,000 can be done, and can be used for many years.

Staffing is simple: equipment is simple and easy to learn, general receptionists, photographers, cosmeticians, apprentices can be trained production, general small and medium-sized studios do not need special staff.

In addition, architectural effect drawings, art reproduction, home frameless paintings, custom mobile doors, personalized wallpapers and so on are home furnishings with many industries and products, large-format printers can be made perfect.

What are the requirements for the safety of UV flatbed printer?

Uv flatbed printer security equipment requirements:

1.UV flatbed printer is connected to 220V AC, current 10A, maximum power 4500W;

2. Requires the regulator to be suitable for the voltage of the uv flatbed printer: the basic reference equipment minimum power 3000-4500W is optional. When the voltage is unstable, it can play a regulating role to prevent the unstable voltage from causing damage to the electronic components in the circuit system;

3.Uv flatbed printers must be connected to the ground wire to provide a low-impedance connection between the device and the grounding body to reduce the risk of personal electric shock;

4. The working environment of the printer requires a temperature between 25-30 degrees and a humidity of 40%-70% without dust. When the temperature is lower than 25 degrees, the viscosity of the ink will increase, the fluency will be poor, and other unknown phenomena such as broken ink and virtual needle will appear when printing. If the dust is too large, it will cause great damage to the nozzle. Excessive humidity affects the adhesion of the ink;

5. Computer configuration mechanical hard disk more than 500G, running memory 4G or more, 1G alone, CPU I3 or I5; conditional can add SSD 120G. Ensure that the software and hardware required to run the .uv flatbed printer can be operated without barriers to meet storage and operational needs;

6. When moving the uv inkjet flatbed printer, please take care to remove all external circuits, mark them, take photos, and remove the external equipment connections, and mark them and take pictures to stay at the bottom. Raise the Fuma wheel, lower the moving wheel, and push the moving wheel to the ground. During the process of moving the device, it is forbidden to push the beam part to prevent the beam from being misaligned and deformed. Contact the UV flatbed printer technician after arriving at the scheduled location. Refer to the technician installation method and handle the following methods: repair, telephone, photo, home installation;

7. If you need to bring the equipment into or out of the equipment: please contact the professional hoisting company, and obtain the special equipment operation certificate and have the qualification to cooperate to ensure the safety of life and equipment.

Uv flatbed printer security equipment prohibited items:

1. It is forbidden to prevent items in the moving part of the trolley and turn on the printing mode: this will cause strong impact and damage the printhead;

2. It is forbidden to touch the moving part of the car in the open printing mode: because of this, you will cause serious accidents and injuries;

3. It is forbidden to prevent the items from moving in the moving part of the beam and turn on the printing mode: this will cause strong impact and damage the nozzle;

4. It is forbidden to touch the moving part of the beam in the open printing mode: this will lead to serious accidents and injuries;

5. It is forbidden for children to play near the equipment: during the operation or non-operation of the equipment, the equipment products have high-speed movement or standby state. Once the switch is touched, it will cause serious accidents and injuries;

6. It is forbidden to discard the waste products containing the ink mixture in the consumable lamp. It can be stored uniformly and delivered to the waste recycling station for unified treatment. Be sure to turn off the L2 cache cartridge after shutting down: otherwise it will cause a series after the next time the device is turned on. Problem, serious can not boot;

7. It is forbidden to modify or replace other accessories: modification or replacement of other accessories will cause the uv flatbed printer to fail to operate normally. If the input power supply is not clear, it will cause accidents, injuries, serious accidents and even fire;

8. It is forbidden to choose different types of consumables for mixed use: replacing consumables of different brands or models will result in failure to print properly, which will lead to blockage of the nozzles;

9. Prohibition of using 380V three-phase electrical access will result in the destruction of all equipment in the equipment.

About the Spot Color of UV Flat Printer

What is the UV flatbed printer spot color?

It means that in inkjet printing, instead of printing C, M, Y, K four colors to synthesize this color, it is specifically used to print the color with a specific uv ink. At present, the common spot colors are rose red, green, light gray, light gray, gold, silver, and the like.

What are the advantages of UV flatbed printers?

Each spot color has its own fixed hue, so it can ensure the accuracy of the color in the printing, thus largely solving the problem of color transfer accuracy.

2. Performance gamut width
The color gamut in the spot color library is very wide, exceeding the RGB color gamut, not to mention the CMYK color space. Therefore, a large part of the color is not available with CMYK four-color printing ink.

UV flatbed printer spot color price do you know?

Spot-color UV ink is not like ordinary UV ink, and it will enter the country for 2-3 years. If it is really mature and applied, it will be less expensive. At present, the price of domestic UV ink is between $15 and $46, while that of Japan, the United States and Taiwan is between $30 and $80. Most of the spot-color UV ink is imported from abroad, but very few in China. Like green UV ink, $90 a liter, light gray UV ink, $108 a liter, light gray UV ink, $280 a liter, golden silver UV ink, $310 a liter.

What are the application areas for UV flatbed printers?

1. As can be seen from its cost, it is suitable for high value-added processing. For users with high color quality requirements, ordinary users simply do not use it, which accounts for less than 10% of the entire uv printing market.

2. Most of them are used for export. The color of pupils of major foreigners is different from that of Chinese people. They are more sensitive to gradient colors and need special colors to reflect them.

The use of the spot color of the UV flatbed printer is very simple. After installing the ink cartridges, ink tubes, and matching nozzles of the spot color, the ICC can be re-curved.