What Cause the Digital Inkjet Printer Lack of Color When Printing?

Hello, nice to see you again, my dear friends. Today’s topic is about the reasons of the digital inkjet printer lack of color when printing. There may be various failures in the operation of the digital printing machine, or it may be caused by various reasons. For example, if there is a lack of color or an image is incorrect during printing, what should I do? What caused it?

According to the years of experience of the after-sales personnel of the digital printing machine, the following analysis is as follows:

One: In the case of correct print settings, the display color is deviated from the actual print color: since the display and digital printer use different techniques to express color, namely RGB mode and YMCK mode, the actual printed color cannot be completely matched with the display. The color matching of the performance.

Two: The ink in the digital printer driver is set to “black”: modify the setting and set it to “color”.

Third: The media settings do not match the actual print media: modify the print media settings in the driver, or replace the matching print media.

Four: The ink level of the ink cartridge is low, and one or more colors of ink are empty: check the ink cartridge to determine if the ink cartridge needs to be replaced.

Five: The media is facing down: Place the print media correctly, taking care that the print side is facing up.

Six: The midtones and mode selection do not match the file type: the mode setting does affect many other settings in the driver; the midtone setting determines how the printer sprays ink drops onto the print media; if not set properly, it can cause color deviations .

Seven: The digital printing machine nozzle is dirty, and the individual nozzles do not emit ink: cleaning the nozzle.

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Do You Know 100% Cotton Direct-Printing Machine? What’s Advantage of It?

For cotton material printing, we must use digital direct printing. There are mainly a few features:

1. 100% cotton direct-printing machine is used for comfortable materials and can accept a variety of printing.

2. No need to make plates, paint, wash. One-button printing is quick and easy.

3. There is a special supporting printing software, anytime, anywhere, as you like.

4. One step is completed, one operator + one computer can be completed, which greatly reduces the cost.

5. The unit price is printed, a large amount can be matched with template printing, saving time and effort.

6. Print positioning standards, the scrap rate is almost zero.

Compared to traditional printing. There are several obvious advantages to pure cotton direct spray printing:

First. The operation is simple, the cost is reduced

Pure cotton direct printing eliminates the steps of plate making, coloring, washing, etc., and also reduces labor costs. Only one computer and operator can complete all printing.

Second. The speed is increased, the output is increased

100% cotton direct printing machine replaces manual with automatic equipment, and mainly does not cause printing problems due to manual operation, and the speed is increased: up to 188 pieces/hour. It is several times more efficient than traditional printing. So the output has also increased a lot.

Third. Diverse printing

Just one picture, you can use the computer to input the pure cotton direct-injection printing machine, you can easily print, and there will be no problem with many colors. For sensitive colors and transition colors, it can also be printed perfectly.

In today’s digital age, automation equipment is slowly replacing labor. The cotton direct injection printing machine also replaces the traditional printing. And it’s better than manual.

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Three Ways Help You to Do Digital Garment Printing Business

In recent 10 years, the garment printing has became more and more popular. Many people like choose beautiful patterns clothes. Do you know how do the patterns in your clothes come from? These days they are most commonly referred to as custom t-shirt business. This trend has been selling like hot cakes for over a decade and putting custom design on cotton shirts still continuous to be a rage. There are few decorating methods used for digital printing on clothes.

In the digital printing business, there are three way can help you make beautiful clothes. Reading and following, I will share you more!

Heat Transfers

These digital transfers are designs that are printed out on a specialty paper. It only permits making one T-shirt via a standard desktop inkjet or laser printer. The cost for each transfer depends solely on the type of ink and paper that is used by your printer. Fabrics with such print have a plastic feel on their design which is basically a polymer used to glue the ink to the top of the shirt.

Screen Printing

The method that was once most commonly used for decorating apparels was screen printing. There is no scope of discoloration and rectangle effect with this form of printing, as ink is only put on the garment where the design is. The downfall that this method has is the tedious process it follows. One needs to break the graphic into the different colors needed to print it and burn the screen for each color. This complex process also requires a screen printing press to be set up.

The New DTG Printer

The growing changes in the apparel manufacturing industry and the increase in demand have paved way for faster methods of screen printing. Digital Garment Printing is not just more practical but also better suited for the present market. This method requires the use of putting ink on the fabric without the usage of polymer to bind it. The textile water-based ink, used in the process has chemical binders; it is later cured to the garment using either a heat press or a textile conveyor dryer.

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Four Tips You Should Care for When Choose High-quality Clothing Printing Machine

In fact, how to buy a good clothing printing machine has become crucial in the era of digital printing. If more customers compare fancy is the after-sales problem, because no matter what type of machine, after-sales service is not in place for the first time, it will cause a series of production suspension, loss and so on. So today, I will tell you some tips when choose high-quality fabric printing machine.

1. A number of comparisons

We must first clarify what our needs are. What type of fabric is printed? Then you can go to some exhibitions, factories, or online to search for the price of clothing printing machines. The price of shopping malls is the most chaotic. So try not to go to the mall. As we all know, our current domestic clothing printers are usually imported printers or domestic printers, and the price will not be too big, so it is recommended that after multiple inquiries, the price will be decided to purchase.

2. After sales service

No matter which manufacturer buys a garment printing machine, one of the most important concerns for all customers is after-sales. Therefore, after-sales service is also a point that all manufacturers should pay attention to. At the time of purchase, we can ask if the manufacturer has a sales customer at the customer’s location. Can you check the machine in the field. This point can clearly see the after-sales problems of the manufacturers. You can also learn about word of mouth from customers who have sold.

3. Technical support

Garment printing machines generally require a computer to connect to the printer. First, you need to set up the software with the computer, then set the image format, print size and position. These are the need for technical staff after-sales support, this is the most important goal of balancing an after-sales role. The manufacturer’s after-sales staff for a few months of rookie and a few years or even the last ten years of technical staff to help you solve the problem, there are many different.

4. Price questions

In front of it, there is a chaos in the shopping mall clothing printing machine, I do not know the true and false, then how to distinguish? In our full understanding of the accessories, training, after-sales, etc. of the manufacturer’s machines, the quality of the printer is good, the work stability is good, and there is no need to worry about after-sales. The high price also has high benefits, which may be relative to the garment printing machine. More efficient, and the service life will be relatively long, if you want to buy a good quality after-sales clothing printing machine.

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Good news! Do You Know Mimaki A3HG UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer?

Good news! The Mimaki UV flatbed inkjet printer A3HG has appeared in the market. This machine with many special features. Do you want to know more? Read the following and I will introduce you more carefully.

What is Mimaki UV flatbed inkjet printer A3HG

Ujf-A3HG printer with platform printing mode can print stationery and small objects at will. Can be printed directly on A3 size, 150 mm thick material. In addition, electronic documents have no version of the printing function, can meet a variety of needs.

Features of Mimaki UV flatbed inkjet printer A3HG

Use LED UV light source

Use low – heat LED UV light source technology. Suitable for printing on materials that are easily deformed by heat.

Due to the instant curing after inkjet, the working efficiency is greatly improved!

Transparent material or colored material can be printed with white ink at the same time on the back, greatly improving the efficiency

Flexible use of white ink for color printing on transparent or colored materials. UJF – A3HG

The sprinkler head can print white and color at the same time, which greatly improves the printing efficiency.

LED UV hardening technology, conducive to environmental protection

VOC – free UV hardening printing, LED power consumption is low, long service life. An enabling environment

The technology makes the combination of high performance and environmental protection!

220V home power & office desktop size

Since no additional industrial power supply is required, only 220V domestic power supply is required, which can be used in the office. The size of the desk makes installation easier

Optional rotating shaft for printing on bottle and cylinder surface

The axis of rotation is used for printing on the surface of a cylindrical object.

Okay, this is all share you the Mimaki A3HG UV flatbed inkjet printer. If you want to know more, welcome to contact us at any time. We will provide you the best quality product and service. Hope my article can be useful to you. Thank you for your reading.