What is Ghosing in Sublimation Printing?

   Ghosting is a common phenomenon in sublimation printing, but it is not impossible to avoid. Want to solve a problem, we must know it well first.

120g transfer paper

   When you printing, you may find the shadow on the printouts, this is called “ghosting”.Then what cause it? A little shift in the transfer paper despite the panel being very hot from the heat press results into a duplicate termed as ghost image left behind the original image. The ghosting is ugly especially when you print on the white background. Then how to avoid it?

   The easiest way is to make sure that the sublimation paper and substrates are connected tightly during the whole process. Besides, when you remove the panel from the heat press machine, don’t take the transfer paper and substrates away until the panel to cool down. Giving sufficient time to the panel to cool down will avoid the duplicate image to be created.

90g transfer paper

   Some people will use another way to avoid the ghosting, but this method needs more skills. When you remove the panel from the heat press, take the sublimation transfer paper away immediately. What you should remember is that the sublimation paper should be taken away vertically, and you can’t let the paper touch the substrates,or you will go down the drain.

   As a beginner, we suggest you choose the first method, because it is more safe.


Some Rumors about Epson Print Head, Do You Believe It?

    As the most famous print head brand, the Epson print head is widely used in printing. But there are many rumors about Epson print head in the market. Are they real? Of course not. We list the most common rumors and will tell you why they are not real.5113 print head

    1. Epson print head has a short lifespan

    The lifespan of the print head relate to many factors, and the most important factor is the maintenance.As long as you maintain your inkjet printer, especially print head regularly and correctly, the print head can work for one year or even longer. Conversely, if you don’t know how to maintain the print head or maintain the print head with a wrong method, then the lifespan of your print head will be shorten to 6 months, or even shorter. So, if your Epson print head has a short lifespan, Can only prove that you didn’t maintain it well.

        2. The Epson print head is hard to maintain
    Print head is a kind of high-tech precision product. Why people say it is hard to maintain? It is because the nozzles are very small. If you don’t maintain it regularly, it is easier to blocked than other print head. As long as you maintain it regularly, it is not hard at all.

DX5 print head

        3. The Epson print head will stop production
        This rumor is ridiculous. Do you know how big the market of Epson print head?Only in China, 60% to 80% printers are equipped with Epson print head. You think Epson company will give up such a big market easily? It is impossible.

     Why most printer producers and users love Epson print head, there are 3 reasons:
    a. It is cheap compared with other print head like Ricoh ,Konica.  
    b. The printing quality is unique.
    c. It has a stable performance.

Epson printer with Epson print head

    So don’t let these rumors influence your choice, and trust me that Epson print head is really good.

Why Dye Sublimation Printing Grows So Fast in Textile Printing?

   In recent years, dye sublimation printing has got a big development in textile printing.So what make dye sublimation printing grows so fast? In other word, what advantages does dye sublimation printing has?

sublimation printing
   1. Dye-sub lasts longer than other printing methods
   In dye sublimation printing, the sublimation ink will be dyed into the garment and becomes one with the material, it means that the printings are extremely durable. Besides,they’re easy to take care of and can be washed or steamed easily.

   2. Dye sublimation printing usually has a great visual effects
   If you have printed something with sublimation printing, you will find the the color is vivid. The dye sublimation process imparts a continuous flow of color rather than individual dots or pixels that typify inkjet printers. Especially when you use good equipment, this advantage is more obvious.

oric sublimation printer
   3. The versatility of dye sublimation printing
   No matter you want the prints work for indoor or outdoor, dye sublimation printing can meet all your requirements.They are also easily shaped – the flexibility and fluidity of fabric allows it to conform to most any desired shape or contoured appearance.

applications of dye sublimation
   4. The printing size exists a large elastic space
   When you want to invest a sublimation printer, you may find the size of the  printers range from 210mm to 3200mm (or even bigger). This means you can print on large format textiles easily with dye sublimation printing.

   5. The materials are various
   Materials can range anywhere from woven, vinyls, polyesters, cottons or finer fabrics. The finished product will be inherently strong, resilient and dimensionally stable.

textile sublimation printing

   6. More effective
   Why dye sublimation printing grow so fast in textile printing instead of other traditional rigid materials. One reason is that fabric is fabric is lighter than traditional rigid materials, and can help you save the coat of transport.The other reason is that fabric is more easy to store than traditional rigid materials,so it can help you save the cost of storage.

   In the next future, we believe that dye sublimation will keep developing in textile printing. If you also think this is a opportunity, just join us.


Direct-to-Garment &Dye Sublimation, Which One Do You Prefer?

   Direct-to-garment printing and dye sublimation printing are two different printing methods. Many people know both of them, but they don’t know them well, and can’t decide which one is more suitable for them. Today, we will have a detailed introduction for them.

DTG VS Dye-sub
   First,you should know how they work. DTG printers can print the images to the substrates directly, but it still need using a heat press to cure the ink.For dye-sublimation, we should print the images to the sublimation paper first, then transfer the images from paper to substrates with a heat press machine. DTG printing is faster than dye sublimation printing with lower temperature.

   Another difference is the ink technology they use. For DTG, the ink will lay on top of the material, and it comes in cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white. These prints will be very durable. For dye sublimation printing, the ink is dyed into the garment and becomes one with the material. There is no white ink, only cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Prints made with dye-sub technology will fade over time with UV light exposure.

   Then we should know the applications of this two printing technologies. Direct-to-garment( DTG), as the name implies, it is mainly used for garments,like t-shirts, hats, bags,pillowcases, shoes and more.But if you want to print on hard substrates like mugs, woods, then DTG is not suitable for you, you should choose dye sublimation printing.

Oric sublimation printer
   Finally, what you should consider is the printing size. DTG printer usually has a smaller printing area than a dye sublimation printing. If you want to print on the large format materials, the dye sublimation printing is a better choice.

   DTG and dye sublimation is suitable for different textiles. DTG can print on cotton, 50/50 cotton/poly blend, bamboo and even silk.For dye sublimation printing, the material must be polymer coated or a poly material.Besides, DTG can print on any color while dye sublimation can only print on white fabric.

   After reading this article, do you know how to choose your suitable printer?If you still have some questions, please kindly contact me, and we can discuss together.

Want to Invest a UV Flatbed Printer? We Can Help You

   Large format UV flatbed printer becomes more and more popular in the market. As a UV printer supplier, we have something to say. For most people, such a printer is a big investment. How to make sure that you put your money to the right place? Here are some questions you should think before make the decision.

UV flatbed printer

   Question 1: You really need a large format UV flatbed printer?
   Many people want to buy a large format UV flatbed printer just because many people say it is good. But they should make sure they really need this machine. This kind of machine is very expensive, from purchasing to the maintenance, it will cost you a lot. If your business is not big enough, buying such a machine will lose money in the long run.

   Question 2: What you are printing?
   When buying a large format UV flatbed printer, one important factor is your actual production goals. First , different materials need different UV printer. Second, the printing size determines the size of the print bed. At the same time, will you use white ink? If you use white ink, then be careful, not all UV flatbed printer can use white ink.

UV hybird printer

   Question 3: Do you need a roll-to-roll printer?
   Flatbed printers are ideal for a wide range of applications but there are still some jobs that are better suited for a roll-to-roll printer. If you want a flatbed and roll-to-roll printer at the same time, then we suggest you buy a hybird UV printer, which can meet your different requirements.

   Question 4: How much is the printer?
   Price is an crucial factor when you buy a printer. For UV printer, it’s price depend on many factors, such as the brand, the materials and so on. But we can say that high cost doesn’t high quality. As long as you are patient enough, you can find a suitable printer with lower cost.

   Question 5: Will you release or buy a printer
   As we all know, there are many suppliers provide releasing service in the market. If you do want a large format UV printer and can’t afford to buy one, then you can choose to buy one. It all depends on your budget.

applications of UV printing

   Buying a large format UV printer is a big investment, and don’t make a decision quickly. Be patient, be careful, and you will find the suitable one in the end.