Is the higher the print resolution of the UV printer, the better?

uv flatbed printer The print resolution of the uv printer determines the fineness of the printed image, which directly affects the quality of the printed product, and is also an important indicator for judging the print quality of the printer. The higher the resolution, the clearer the printed pattern is. In the current office, there are more and more types of printed documents. At this time, the user needs to consider whether the print quality of the printer can be satisfied in addition to the print load and speed. Your own requirements.

uv flatbed printerWhen the UV flatbed printer is working, set the print resolution to be based on the actual situation, not the higher the better. For example, the highest output resolution of the printer is now 2880×2880dpi. In theory, 2880 dots of ink will be placed in the horizontal direction of the material in the horizontal direction. Because the material may be too saturated with the absorption of ink, the ink is connected into one piece. Instead, the print resolution is reduced. Therefore, the theoretical point refers to the capacity limit that UV printers can achieve, but in fact, it depends on the cooperation of materials. The better the ink absorption of the material, the more independent dots can be placed in each inch. If the material used does not support the highest resolution selected, adjacent toner dots will merge into one piece, which will affect the printing effect.

uv printerIf the UV printer wants to avoid the above factors for the highest resolution printing, it is necessary to perform coating pretreatment on the surface of the object to be printed. The role of the coating is to absorb ink, adsorb and carry the ink, so that the ink droplets perfectly present the image on the coating, so the larger the DPI value, the finer the printed pattern and the better the effect. If the material is printed with high precision and the ink is scattered, or the outline of the image is blurred, it is related to the carrying capacity of the coating, and it is necessary to replace the suitable coating.

The above is the answer that I brought to you about the question “Is the higher the print resolution of the UV printer, the better?”, I hope to help everyone.

Is the UV flatbed printer seriously polluting the environment?

Whether the uv flatbed printer pollution is serious or not directly affects whether the user purchases. In the external environment, the hard requirements of environmental protection, the closure of high-polluting enterprises, punishment, etc., printing companies need a new type of environmentally friendly printing equipment, to do internal upgrades. Overall analysis, uv printer pollution is not serious, can be analyzed from four aspects.

Is the UV flatbed printer seriously polluting the environment?

1.Noise pollution

In the printing process, the original type of uv printer noise decibel <60 decibels, this not only meets the requirements of residential houses, but also meets the decibel requirements of industrial type noise. It avoids the harm of the body such as hearing and vision caused by the operator’s long-term high noise pollution.

2. Light pollution

The uv printer emits light waves through the led curing lamp during the printing process. If the wavelength of the ultraviolet light is staring at the time, it will cause discomfort and dryness of the eyes. Therefore, in the design, the position of the lamp is very low, avoiding the spread of the high position light, and also requires the operator to wear the safety glasses at work. In practice, since the device is set up and automatically printed, there is no need for the technician to stare at it for a long time.

3. Odor pollution

This is mainly manifested in uv ink. Although uv ink is very low in pollution compared with traditional printing dyes, it has passed environmental testing, but it does not mean that there is no chemical property. In practice, when the printed pattern is placed for 24 hours, the odor can be volatilized. The odor produced during production is also small.

4. Sewage pollution

Piezoelectric inkjet printing systems ensure on-demand printing, unlike traditional printing, where large amounts of waste and waste liquids are required to be discharged. The waste uv ink produced by a uv printer for one month, no more than 1L, can be directly imported into the sewer and rinsed.

It is precisely because these four core aspects of pollution assessment meet the needs of current environmental printing, so uv printing machine has been used by the majority of printing companies in recent years.

What is the difference between a uv printer and an eco-solvent printer?

Nowadays, the advertising market is in full swing, and UV printer capable of producing vivid large-format advertisement images with vivid images has become a printing product for users and advertising industry. There are two types of advertising printing equipment commonly available on the market, one is a traditional eco-solvent printer, and the other is a UV hybrid printer. What is the difference between the two, is a concern of many users and advertising industry businesses, the following is introduced by me and everyone.

eco solvent printerTraditional eco solvent printer used to be the main print output device in the advertising industry. It is also an indispensable printing device in advertising production. Especially the well-known piezoelectric eco-solvent printer can print other soft besides traditional advertising printing. Media, such as wallpaper decoration, optimization, heat transfer of leather and cloth, can be printed perfectly. But there is a big flaw. If it is a hard medium, the eco-solvent printer is completely unsuitable. Therefore, its use is very limited. As the market continues to develop, eco-solvent printers are slowly being phased out.

uv printer

Today’s popular UV hybrid printer is the only one. It can not only softly introduce coils, but also print hard media tiles, acrylic, glass, metal, etc. It can be printed with uv ink, and the printed image can be compared with photos, the images are vivid, and the printed patterns are colorful. Waterproof, sunscreen, never fade, and other features, small batches and high volume production are not to mention. Whether it is a full-color pattern or an over-color pattern, it can be printed at one time, eliminating the complicated operations of plate making, printing and repeated color registration. In addition, the ink used in the UV hybrid printing machine is a kind of anti-ultraviolet and waterproof ink, which is more durable outdoors.That is to say, it is another big advantage. The traditional eco-solvent printer needs to wait for a long time to dry the picture, and even needs to cooperate with the drying equipment to dry the ink, while the uv printer is illuminated by the synchronous UV light. It can quickly cure uv ink, drying fast, without waiting for a long time, can make the printout business complete faster, saving time and labor costs.

Everyone may be licking such a good machine, both the coil and the plate, the price must not be cheap. In fact, ORIC is a source manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring quality, the price is very affordable. For details, please click on the official website link and look forward to your visit. The UV hybrid printer is a trend in the future. Therefore, if you have it at an early date, you will occupy the market faster than others. Why not do it.

When the eco solvent printer prints how to solve the image garbled ?

There are always more or less problems in the use of the eco solvent printer, such as disconnection, image misalignment, ghosting, and color cast. So if there is garbled drawing, what should I do?

eco solvent printer

There are several reasons why images may be garbled:

1. There is a problem with the USB cable. You can check if the USB cable is plugged in or replace a USB cable.

2. If there is a problem with the memory card of the eco solvent printer, you can re-plug the memory card on the motherboard after the eco solvent printer is turned off, and then restart the eco solvent printing machine to check whether it can be mapped normally.

3. Static problems, general static problems may also cause misalignment and ghosting. Therefore, when using the outdoor , be sure to insert the grounding wire to avoid many problems caused by static interference;

4. If it is a garbled phenomenon of a certain color, it may be a problem with the print head of the color. You can clean the print head or try to replace the print head;

5. The print software buffer space on the computer is not enough to cause garbled graphics, and generally do not use the computer excessively when plotting, and this computer does not install anti-virus software as much as possible to avoid some computer and outdoor printing machine driver conflicts. .

eco solvent printer

Do you have a solution to the garbled image of the eco solvent inkjet printer?

Application of eco-solvent printer on car stickers

Nowadays, the decoration of personalized car stickers is welcomed by more and more car owners, and the outdoor eco-solvent printer body sticker application also brings more business opportunities to the production merchants.

Everyone will cast an envious look on the body with a pattern and text. Now the car is no longer the tool that people use to travel. It represents the personality and temperament of the owner. It is also the face of the owner. It is also a good friend of the car owner. I think you are no exception to the younger generation!

The owner can customize the personal pattern and text that he likes, create the creative design of the business through the car sticker and print the inkjet output. The perfect personality pattern is very popular with the car. Choose your favorite car sticker material, especially with the high-performance outdoor eco solvent p machine, the merchant can more easily and quickly complete the personalized car sticker production.

Use outdoor eco-solvent printing machine, or use UV light to cure the printout pattern. The picture is colorful and the image is clear, and it has high-quality adsorption on the body sticker. The outdoor environment is waterproof, not easy to change color or fade. Durability. At the same time, the pattern of UV light curing printout has a three-dimensional convexity, and the image text is three-dimensional and realistic, and the effect is more perfect. In addition to the personalized body sticker application, the Oric eco-solvent printers can also be used for other related outdoor environment advertisements and decorations, such as for bus system body advertisements, car decoration, subway station wall advertisements, outdoor durable signs, advertisement signs. , glass curtain wall, window decoration, irregular arc advertising, and other industries, has a very large development prospects.